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Mister Shoebox
[(No, it was my sec...]
Tue Sep 1, 2015 17:03

(Sunday, right after the Swap:)

Derwin the Ghoul, who at this moment was sitting on the bed in an unfamiliar RC in the body of a female borg, had his thoughts turn to that of his partner, who as of this moment was just waking up from his an unfamiliar, amphibious, froggy body.

Gurgan the ghoul yawned and smacked his lips, then habitually felt for a cigarette that...he couldn't find. The @*#@!?

"Derwin, where the #*@!...Hey, theessa idn't meesa voice...Is thissa be'en some kind of gag?!" He asked, wondering why the hell he was lying down in the middle of an unfamiliar RC room.

Another thought occurred to him as he got up and tried to get his bearings: "Why meesa spekin' like theesa?"

He looked down at his webbed hands..."WHAT DE HELL HAPPENED TO MESA HANDS?!" he yelled out loud. "What...meesa talkin' lika dummy..."

Okay, OKay, calm down, Gurgan. Just need to find someone who can help. Anyone. Anyone who can help.

He walked out of the room cautiously..."Oh, Crap...Meesa gotta find Derwin!" Screw walking. He started to run...then tripped over his massive, amphibious, froggy Gungan feet. "Dammit. Firstee thing Firstee...learn how to be walkin'." This would take some practice.

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