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Michael's swap!
Tue Sep 1, 2015 17:55

((For Reasons, Michael is no longer swapping into Amris. Onto the RP!))

One moment, Michael Green was just bringing his mug to his lips. The next, he… wasn’t.

He was lying on a bed in a strange RC, staring at the ceiling. He sat up with a gasp; an oddly feminine gasp. He whipped his head around, and was struck in the face out of nowhere. Someone was attacking him! He fell back on the bed, fighting his opponent, but then realized that it was… hair.

His own hair.

“What’s happening!?” he said, frantically fingering this new growth of braided hair. It was the same color as his, and had the blue streak, but it was so long! Nearly to his waist! And his body… “Oh, Colors!” he said, using one of his favorite fantasy “curses.” He was female! He’d been turned into a girl!

“Okay, Michael,” he thought, putting his head in his hands. “Deep breaths. Calming breaths. Don’t freak out, don’t freak out, don’t freak out. Think about Molly. Molly’d know what to do…

Actually, she’d probably just fall over laughing at me.”

The thought of Michael’s twin, Molly, laughing at his strange predicament made him feel better. Not totally alright, but better. He took his own advice and took several deep breaths before looking down again.

Yup. He was a girl.

“Oookaay, time for some more calm breathing…”


Molly Green lay on her bed in her RC, staring at the ceiling. “I’m going to find Michael today,” she said to the empty room. Her brother had disappeared the day before she had been flung into a world of madness; it had been three in-universe years since she’d seen him, although she hadn’t aged a day.

She held up her hand and made a fist. “Schinkt!” Adamantium claws extended, slicing the air. It hurt, of course, but the wounds healed right up when she retracted the blades. She let her arm fall limply to the bed, still staring upwards. Three years of living in a Marvel fic, gaining a different power every day as the story demanded, until finally being rescued by two agents. Three years of thinking she would never see her brother or the rest of her family again. Three years.

Just as she tensed to push herself out of bed, everything changed.

((No further writing from Molly, I'm afraid, but Michael's going to have a time of it.


  • ((Retconning Michael.))Alleb, Mon Aug 31 14:30
    I was incredibly silly and didn't get all of the details on Amris before writing this; I'll redo it and post it once I'm sure it's up to scratch. Sorry to Des and everyone else for my silly, silly... more
    • Michael's swap! — Alleb, Tue Sep 1 17:55
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