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"Weeeell," Day started.
Tue Sep 1, 2015 18:45

Sax cut to the chase. "Yes. But maybe we can, I dunno, start heading to Medical?" He sounded more pleading than he was aiming for, but that could have also gone with the fact that he was in Day's body.

  • She refrained from any snarky comments; these two weren't pushovers like Greenie. Mia should have realized that sooner. ((It's probably apparent, but just to avoid confusion, that's her nickname for... more
    • "Weeeell," Day started. — JulyFlame, Tue Sep 1 18:45
      • ...and mentally kicked herself. No wonder they had insisted on moving through the hallway! If Mia had noticed it sooner, she would have adopted a totally different strategy. "I can splint that," she... more
        • "You have something to use as a splint?"JulyFlame, Tue Sep 1 18:53
          Day looked at Mia with some consternation. "Go for it," Sax said. He moved slowly to lean against one of the walls, and closed his eyes. "Just don' mind me."
          • (Can a third join the party?) (nm)Mister Shoebox, Tue Sep 1 19:16
          • Mia nodded. Alleb, Tue Sep 1 19:04
            Then she turned and slammed her monkey wrench into the Generic Surface wall with as much force as she could muster. It broke through the grey material after a few swings; she aimed the wrench a few... more
            • Day looked at the ruined wall faintly. "Or at least you," she amended. She looked at the bar of Generic Surface. "That was pretty smart, though. Sure it'll work?"
              • "It should," she said. Alleb, Tue Sep 1 19:12
                She handed the grey stick to the wounded agent and then flicked out the pocket knife she had noticed in her pocket earlier. She began cutting off her left sleeve for the splint, then her right. The... more
                • "Where'd you learn how to do this, anyway?"
                  • Mia straightened out the agent's arm and laid the stick of Generic Surface on it. She tied the cut sleeves above and below the break, making sure they were tight, but not tight enough to cut off... more
                    • Gurgan the Gungan (Former Ghoul)Mister Shoebox, Tue Sep 1 19:30
                      Took that chance to show up and address the other bodily-changed agents. He must have been quite a sight as he stalked...or rather, waddled, he looked like he was trying to avoid tripping over his... more
                      • Sax opened his eyes from against the wall.JulyFlame, Tue Sep 1 19:41
                        He looked at the newcomer blearily. "Day's too young and I don't smoke," he said, motioning at himself and then Day, who was looking at the splinted arm with some relief. "He doesn't either," Day... more
                        • Mia shook her head. Alleb, Tue Sep 1 19:50
                          "I'm rather attached to my lungs," she said. She realized, with an odd feeling in the pit of her stomach, that this was the longest conversation she'd carried on in months.
                          • The gungan facepalmedMister Shoebox, Tue Sep 1 20:07
                            "Well...#*@((!". It was odd - it was obvious he was cursing, but it didn't quite...sound right. It was almost like he was using curse words so bad that they couldn't be registered. "Dat is beein'... more
                            • Sax looked impressed at the cursing.JulyFlame, Tue Sep 1 20:35
                              "I had no idea anyone could do that," he said. "I'm Sax. That's Day," he motioned at his partner. "I was about to say, you look like the weirdest Fallout ghoul I've ever seen."
                              • Mia had never played Fallout...Alleb, Tue Sep 1 20:49
                                ...although she'd heard of it. Shooter game, wasn't it? "You can tag along," she said. The former ghoul might be useful. Maybe. His speech patterns were already getting on her nerves, though... "So,... more
                                • Gurgan shrugged.Mister Shoebox, Tue Sep 1 20:55
                                  "Meesa have no idea. One minute, Meesa sleeping in RC with meesa special straight razor beneath meesa pillow, then there bein' a loud "THUMP," then meesa be wakin' up with frog feat'res." He sighed.... more
                                  • "We swapped," she said by way of explanation. The two trailed after Mia and Gurgan. While the splint certainly helped matters with Day, Sax was still feeling dizzy and everything was still out of... more
                                    • Mia listened to Gurgan's account, Alleb, Tue Sep 1 21:09
                                      then Day and Sax's. She hadn't realized that they had swapped bodies; she had no idea who her mind was currently inhabiting, and she had assumed that they didn't either. She noticed the ex-ghoul... more
                                      • Gurgan shot her a Look, with a capital L.Mister Shoebox, Tue Sep 1 21:13
                                        "Why, yes! Meesa know entirely who did it! Dat's why meesa totally beatin' heem to deat' with hees own shinbone 'stead of sittin' here with yousa." He shook his head. "TINK before yousa be speekin',... more
                                        • Day looked at the ceiling.JulyFlame, Tue Sep 1 21:18
                                          "Weeell, it may have been to do with us." "Stairs happened," Sax said, cutting Day off before she could elaborate.
                                          • Mia narrowed her eyes at Gurgan.Alleb, Tue Sep 1 21:23
                                            Even the possibility of knowing what had happened seemed unimportant in the rush of anger-driven, slightly glittery adrenaline that flooded her body. No one insulted her intelligence like that. "Do... more
                                            • Gurgan sighedMister Shoebox, Tue Sep 1 21:28
                                              "Sure. Think before yousa speak. Anyway, yousa ego aside, and much as Meesa would be lovin' to see you t'row a tantrum, we...wait, hold on a meeniute." He looked over at the others behind him. "Yousa ... more
                                              • "Long story," Sax said, chagrined. JulyFlame, Tue Sep 1 21:53
                                                Day cut in, this time. "We're in Improbabilities. We got a fic with a bodyswitch device in it. There was a sequel. We brought the thingy back. And then stairs happened on the way to DoSAT." "Please... more
                                                • Mia was torn...Alleb, Wed Sep 2 07:44
                                                  ...between smacking the younger agents upside the head with her hand, and smacking Gurgan upside the head with her monkey wrench. "I wasn't talking to you in the first place, Fish Face," she said,... more
                                                  • "Sure yousa weren't," he snorted. "That bein' so not attempt to save'a face." He paused as what the other agents said finally sunk in. "Wait...WHAT?!" he yelped. "...YOUSA BEIN' #*@((!@*#*%% MORONS!... more
                                                    • "Awww man."JulyFlame, Wed Sep 2 17:00
                                                      Day stared in disbelief as the current-gungan came towards them. She had Sax's dagger strapped to her leg, but using it on a fellow agent even in self defense seemed like an amazingly bad idea. "Hey, ... more
                                                      • "For Tulkas's sake!" Mia yelled...Alleb, Wed Sep 2 17:19
                                                        ...dashing after the two younger agents. It took every ounce of self-control she possessed to keep from whacking Gurgan in the head as she passed. "Everything that's happened today, and now this?"... more
                                                        • to trip. "Don't blame mesa! It's THEYSA fault mesa like this! Mesa gonna..." He paused, and took a deep breathe, realizing that this was getting him nowhere. "MESA GONNA BEAT SEVEN KINDS OF HELL OUT... more
                                                          • For better or worse..JulyFlame, Wed Sep 2 17:39
                                                            It was not very long before Sax stopped, and braced along one of the walls for support. Everything was, besides the blurred vision, swimming. Day only noticed further down the corridor, before she... more
                                                            • Mia came on the scene. Alleb, Wed Sep 2 18:04
                                                              Gurgan had fallen behind, but there were Sax and Day; he was leaning against the wall, in her body, and she looked concerned, in his body. Mia leaned over and put her hands on her knees, breathing... more
                      • ((What does Gurgan's body look like?))Alleb, Tue Sep 1 19:39
                        I can't find a wiki article on Woon. Oh, also, I noticed that Gurgan hates ex-Sues; I don't know how he might become aware of this (or if you want him to) but Mia is a reformed Sue herself. That... more
                        • OOc - Yeah, i knowMister Shoebox, Tue Sep 1 20:03
                          Unfortunately, Darkota - who is an awesome person, don't get me wrong - hasn't really released a lot of detail on the Gungan that Gurgan Goes with, at least that I can see. Sooo...Imma say he looks a ... more
                          • Yikes. Alleb, Tue Sep 1 20:07
                            Maybe not, then...
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