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Mister Shoebox
OOc - Yeah, i know
Tue Sep 1, 2015 20:03

Unfortunately, Darkota - who is an awesome person, don't get me wrong - hasn't really released a lot of detail on the Gungan that Gurgan Goes with, at least that I can see. Sooo...Imma say he looks a bit like Tarpals from the prequels?

And yeah, if he finds out the only thing he'll really do is curse her out and say "Only reason you're here is 'cause someone F*cked up when they should have decapitated you. Just an FYI."

  • ((What does Gurgan's body look like?))Alleb, Tue Sep 1 19:39
    I can't find a wiki article on Woon. Oh, also, I noticed that Gurgan hates ex-Sues; I don't know how he might become aware of this (or if you want him to) but Mia is a reformed Sue herself. That... more
    • OOc - Yeah, i know — Mister Shoebox, Tue Sep 1 20:03
      • Yikes. Alleb, Tue Sep 1 20:07
        Maybe not, then...
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