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(all dialog should be italics, she's still speaking Quenya) (nm)
Wed Sep 2, 2015 10:33

  • "Brother, are you well?"DawnFire, Wed Sep 2 10:32
    Gurnirel entered the room, frowning at the sight of her partner. He was curled into a ball, and had just fallen over, of all things. Was he ill? Injured? What could possibly have injured him inside... more
    • Amy squeaked at the touch, and scrambled backwards.the Irish Samurai, Wed Sep 2 16:43
      But the bed didn't offer much in the way of escape. Either she'd forgotten how to understand English in her panic, or the other woman was still speaking gibberish. "I'm sorry!" Amy glanced around... more
      • English ? For what cause-- And then her mind sorted through the foreign words and gave her the meaning. Her mouth closed. Frowning slightly, the elleth switched to carefully pronounced English. "You... more
        • Amy shook her head vigorously. the Irish Samurai, Sat Sep 5 10:56
          "You don't look anything like my sister!" Amy said, then remembered the brief reflection she'd seen of herself. "Oh, but I don't look like me either. I mean, I'm me... but this isn't me." Amy relaxed ... more
    • (all dialog should be italics, she's still speaking Quenya) (nm) — DawnFire, Wed Sep 2 10:33
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