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Vania stared.
Wed Sep 2, 2015 10:49

"Okay. This is different! Um." She moved to sit on her beanbag, spilling plastic bits all over the floor. "Here's the thing. You're in my partner, Doc's body. But you're obviously not. Like. Like you switched bodies, actually. Not a disguise. Yeah. Oh!"

She suddenly jumped up and ran to Doc's body, holding out her right hand. "I'm Vania! Vania Tolluk of RC 251! Nice to meet you, also, who are you?"

((I realize it would probably be impossible to translate Vania's phonetics into Sindarin, but I figure the UT just gives a general translation? Maybe?))

  • " I do not know who you are, nor where I am. I had thought perhaps you were my partner, but your speech is not hers, nor do you speak our tongue. If we are indeed yet inside the 'PPC', and if you are ... more
    • Vania stared. — doctorlit, Wed Sep 2 10:49
      • What madness was this? To disguise one's form was one matter; to be placed in the hroa of a stranger was another matter entirely. How could this have happened? Why? For what reason could anyone have... more
        • Vania shrugged. "Works for me!"doctorlit, Wed Sep 2 11:07
          She grabbed her bat, then held the door open. " After you, sir elf! " ((By the way, that is pronounced "Nye-er-gon-deer," right?))
          • ((Also, is Doc carrying any weapons?))DawnFire, Thu Sep 3 17:45
            ((He certainly was lying down, but that's no guarantee with an agent. ~DF))
          • Naergondir eyed the bat and...DawnFire, Thu Sep 3 17:44
            ...checked his new body for weapons before walking out the door. He missed his own legs. This...human, presumably, was much taller than a halfling, but he was not as tall as Naergondir, and, not... more
            • Re: Naergondir eyed the bat and...doctorlit, Thu Sep 3 18:20
              Vania hummed a bit as they started down the hallway. A few other people were out and about as well, but they seemed in a hurry and didn't glance at the two. Which was just as well, since Vania was... more
              • "It was assigned to us," Naergondir said.DawnFire, Fri Sep 4 10:55
                Agent Tolluk's exact phrasing was odd--hardly unusual for English translated into Sindarin--but her meaning was clear enough. " We have found it a pleasant enough place to live in: it is a simple... more
                • "Wait. You have trees?"doctorlit, Fri Sep 4 11:24
                  " Like, inside your RC? That is super-cool! I can't wait to see. I'm so glad my partner got brain-swapped now! " Vania rubbed her hands together, then paused and snickered. " Hey! Can I call you... more
                  • ...wondering yet again why he had been sent to a place where so many of the race of Men were very nearly as distractible as they were odd. " No, " he said. " My name bears a particular meaning. I... more
                    • The smile slowly slid off of Vania's face.doctorlit, Thu Sep 10 11:49
                      "Ah. Right. Fine, then. Whatever." She looked away and began scanning the RC numbers on her side of the hallway. Quietly, she muttered, "Guess it's good we don't get Tolkien missions. The elves... more
                      • ((And meant to add:))doctorlit, Thu Sep 10 11:50
                        ((No problem! We get time when we get time. Hope you're well rested for class!))
          • ((I do seem to slur it a little--'nyer-gon-deer'. And this is not a proper reply, I'm afraid--that will come later or tomorrow. ~DF))
            • ((Linguistics: close.))Huinesoron, Thu Sep 3 09:03
              ((It's a three-syllable word, with the first syllable being... 'nigh' with an r on the end.)) ((Sindarin isn't really my thing, but I know Quenya tends to put the emphasis on the penultimate... more
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