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The alligators...
Wed Sep 2, 2015 11:21

Were watching their owner expectantly until the steak was thrown- they had already been fed some, but the t-bone was a treat. And then they fell upon it with snapping teeth like the cold blooded and still hungry creatures they were, completely ignoring their owner's bizarre behavior.

((There is nothing here, only alligators. So you can shove Doc elsewhere if you want!))

  • "Vania?"doctorlit, Wed Sep 2 10:11
    His partner looked like she was in pain, but in a blink, there was no more Vania. There was only alligators. Doc made a noise roughly approximate to "Brrzhweeyah!" as he threw himself backwards,... more
    • The alligators... — JulyFlame, Wed Sep 2 11:21
      • Doc scrambled for the closest door he could find, keeping well clear of the crocodilians. He found himself out in HQ's hallways, and slammed the door closed behind him. He glanced up and down the... more
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