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Pippa's Ghost
Hild grew angry...
Wed Sep 2, 2015 12:07

on hearing the little dragon thing's words.

"Chaos and Disharmony? So are you you the one who did this to me?"

Distracted by her anger, she managed to stand up on all fours without even realising it.

  • The draconequis started to chuckle.World-Jumper, Wed Sep 2 11:13
    Oh, the new pony was going to be fun. However, she had to correct pony knowledge. Silly ponies, they think so much, but as usual, know so little. She zipped over to the shelf of disks. Snapping her... more
    • Hild grew angry... — Pippa's Ghost, Wed Sep 2 12:07
      • Rartiy grinned wickedly.World-Jumper, Wed Sep 2 12:30
        New pony was going to be fun! She hardly had to play to get anger. Yet, still, she was confused. She had not done anything to new pony. She gave the disk another spin, and let the words flow through... more
        • "Well, what did you expect me to think?"Pippa's Ghost, Thu Sep 3 04:06
          Hild tried to take a threatening step towards the self-proclaimed spirit of Chaos, but stumbled and ended up lying on the floor again. Not quite the air of calm menace she was after.
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