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Sergio Turbo
Corolla let out a short laugh.
Wed Sep 2, 2015 13:01

"Well, as I said I'm a DoSAT techie, but I've been in SpecOps for some time. Let's just say that after the Blank Sprite Incident the Flowers don't quite like having me on the field anymore."

The (formerly) Unison Device looked at the flash patch on her current body. "DMS? Not much different from what I was doing in the Special Operations Division, actually."

Corolla started walking very carefully, still keeping a hand on the wall as a safety measure. "C'mon, I have to find that thing before it does something I'll get in trouble for. Like disguising a Flower into a toddler. I still have no idea how it managed to teleport me too."

  • "Yuuup."JulyFlame, Wed Sep 2 11:16
    She poked the flashpatch on her shoulder, and then Corolla's. "I'm in Bad Het. Been trying to get into DAVD for years though!" She sounded overly cheerful over the fact.
    • Corolla let out a short laugh. — Sergio Turbo, Wed Sep 2 13:01
      • Cray looped her arm around Corolla's.JulyFlame, Wed Sep 2 13:53
        "Oh man, that would be so weird. Not sure I'd wanna stick around and see that!" She paused though. "You sure it was your thing that did it?" As soon as the thought was spoken though, she shrugged it... more
        • Corolla rubbed her chin in thought.Sergio Turbo, Wed Sep 2 14:49
          "Now that you mention it, since the D.O.R.K.S. I modified isn't with me right now, we should theoretically be out of range for its disguise effect to... well, have effect." Corolla continued thinking ... more
          • "See..."JulyFlame, Wed Sep 2 17:25
            Cray began, going along happily with being dragged. "I have no idea what you just said at all, I'm just going to acknowledge the fact you said it. The thing went made everything go weird, including... more
            • ((If they go get to DoSAT...))Pippa's Ghost on an internet oblong, Thu Sep 3 08:08
              ((...someone might recognise Sean's body as that man with that crazy idea about viruses .))
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