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Sergio Turbo
Corolla rubbed her chin in thought.
Wed Sep 2, 2015 14:49

"Now that you mention it, since the D.O.R.K.S. I modified isn't with me right now, we should theoretically be out of range for its disguise effect to... well, have effect."

Corolla continued thinking out loud as she picked up pace, not realizing that she was starting to drag the poor Katie. "That is unless the capacitors suddenly discharged all at once, which would indeed send out a powerful enough disguise field burst to forcefully disguise the two of us, and maybe more. However, that would also destroy the chameleon matrix emitter shortly after the first disguise field wave, meaning that we wouldn't be in disguise right now. And it also doesn't explain my sudden teleportation, unless that is a side effect of the fact that I apparently crashed while working on the machine, and that accidentally activated my Remote Activator subprogram - yes, if you were wondering I'm normally a Magitek construct - so we might not be looking for my machine after all."

  • Cray looped her arm around Corolla's.JulyFlame, Wed Sep 2 13:53
    "Oh man, that would be so weird. Not sure I'd wanna stick around and see that!" She paused though. "You sure it was your thing that did it?" As soon as the thought was spoken though, she shrugged it... more
    • Corolla rubbed her chin in thought. — Sergio Turbo, Wed Sep 2 14:49
      • "See..."JulyFlame, Wed Sep 2 17:25
        Cray began, going along happily with being dragged. "I have no idea what you just said at all, I'm just going to acknowledge the fact you said it. The thing went made everything go weird, including... more
        • ((If they go get to DoSAT...))Pippa's Ghost on an internet oblong, Thu Sep 3 08:08
          ((...someone might recognise Sean's body as that man with that crazy idea about viruses .))
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