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The office door was pushed open...
Wed Sep 2, 2015 22:05

...letting a little grey fox-like Pokémon scuttle into the room. Tacitus looked around at the Floating Hyacinth's office. The room was almost entirely occupied by the huge tank of water in which the Head of the Department of Floaters bobbed around. A table and two chairs were arranged right up at the edge of the tank, ostensibly allowing the Hyacinth to receive visitors.

The Zorua hopped onto the desk and whistled loudly to attract the Hyacinth's attention. Tacitus took out his writing notebook and hastily sketched a message for the Flower: "Apologies for the intrusion, but are you aware that a massive body-swap event has occurred in HQ?" The mute agent picked up the notebook in his teeth and held it towards the Hyacinth, hoping that the Flower would somehow read his message despite lacking anything that resembled eyes.

  • It was a slow day in DoSAT.Iximaz, Sun Aug 30 22:19
    Alex Dives was busy fiddling with a Star Trek communicator, his carefully undescribed fire-lizard perched on his shoulder. He sighed and set down his laser spanner, rubbing away the headache that had ... more
    • The office door was pushed open... — SeaTurtle, Wed Sep 2 22:05
      • Yes, I'm aware!Iximaz, Wed Sep 2 22:15
        Alex could just somehow sense what was going on around him, though it was a hard job to focus his panicked thoughts enough to understand what he was 'seeing'. I'm not actually the--Am I the Floating... more
        • Tacitus raised his eyebrows.SeaTurtle, Wed Sep 2 22:42
          Interesting. Even the Flowers weren't safe from the swap. He wrote another message. "You can call me Tacitus. From where I stand, I can't do anything to help you directly but you're in the Hyacinth's ... more
          • The not-Hyacinth waved a leaf.Iximaz, Wed Sep 2 22:49
            I'm Alex Dives, I'm an intern with DoSAT. Alex waved another leaf; the more he moved pieces around, the more control he (slowly) started to gain over the body. I'm... not sure about the computer... more
            • "I happen to know..." SeaTurtle, Thu Sep 3 10:47
              "...that the Hyacinth is a rather good dancer," wrote Tacitus. "The security camera footage was rather entertaining if I do say so myself. Either way, you are mobile. Somehow. Now, seeing as I can't... more
              • Wait!Iximaz, Thu Sep 3 11:14
                Wait, please! Don't leave me! Alex began flailing his petals and leaves, then finally discovered he had some tendrily appendages that he could use to haul himself out of the tank, flopping... more
                • Tacitus looked over his shoulder...SeaTurtle, Fri Sep 4 09:57
                  ...obviously irritated. He jerked his head toward the door and looked at Alex. He sat down and stared at the DoSAT intern, waiting for him to regain his footing. "Try to keep up. I won't wait for you ... more
                  • After much flailing of tendrils...Iximaz, Fri Sep 4 16:20
                    Alex managed to drag himself over to Tacitus. Why couldn't I have gotten one of the non-aquatic Flowers? he grumbled.
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