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Des smiled when his egg finally hatched. He took a piece of meat and handed it to his fire-lizard, who gulped it down and continued to scale Des' leg. The Floater started humming under his breath, his surprise at the hatching giving place for a warm, fuzzy feeling not unlike the one he felt when he saw a kitten — which the name he chose for the fire-lizard all the more appropriate.
Giving Khataltelet another piece of meat, he raised his gaze and smiled at Dawn before turning his attention back to the little brown — whose hunger he was feeling, too — he gave him another piece of meat and started singing slowly. “When winter comes and all is silent,” he muttered under his breath, “the saddled mare is tightly bound; the fox she prowls under the moonlight, snow lays thickly on the ground...”

((“Khataltelet” חתלתלת comes from חתלתול khataltool, kitten, except its inflection is female in a somewhat uncommon form — it's not an actual word, mind you; it's how my family and I call cats. Any cat, really, their sex has nothing to do with it. It's similar to the slang word חתולה Khatoola (accent on the penultimate syllable), which means 'she-cat' but means 'any cat' when said thusly.))

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    (( Finally. Stupid YourWebApps, crashing when I needed to post... (( Disclaimer: I am le tired, and cannot go take a nap before firing ze missiles. Advance apologies for any dumb mistakes,... more
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        The Notary rummaged through a pocket with her offhand and came out with a pair of long evening gloves, one of which she struggled to put on. Once the task had been completed, she resisted the urge to ... more
        • ...emerged from her shell and spread her wings wide. A gold? A gold ? Somewhere, behind the utter shock and a healthy amount of awe, part of Dawn's mind went, shiny . The hatchling found her feet and ... more
          • Whoot whoot, fire-lizard!Alleb, Thu Sep 3 18:32
            Alleb saw a bright flash of green as the little dragon emerged from it's shell. It shook itself, then began to mewl, nosing around for food on the sandy floor. Alleb felt the hatchling's intense... more
            • Teyala's eyes snapped open as the egg broke.PoorCynic, Fri Sep 4 11:34
              The asari moved quickly, fishing several slivers of meat out of the nearby bowl and offering them to the tiny green creature. The fire-lizard wolfed them down within an instant before trilling for... more
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                ((...the correct pinyin spelling for the name is Fěi-cuí , but I wasn't going for a correct spelling, I was going for an American English spelling that gave me the pronunciation that was the... more
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                  ((...Alleb never got to trade her dagger to Ilraen. Do you want to RP that, or just write a little one-liner like: "Alleb handed Ilraen the dagger, then left,"?)) ((-Alleb))
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