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"Oh no you don't!"
Thu Sep 3, 2015 00:49

Jenni seized not!Henry by the back of his adorable planets-and-rockets pajamas. Whoever was in there—she hadn't had a moment to stop and think about who it might be—they were pissing her off. She wasn't sure she'd ever been so insulted, which was saying a lot, and on top of that, they were messing with her son.

Fortunately, she was still a lot bigger. She spun him around, took him by the shoulders, and got down on her knees to be eye-to-eye with him.

"Let me make this perfectly clear," she said, just short of spitting the words out in fury. "I'll use small words. 'This body' belongs to my son. I am his mother. You are intruding uninvited on my six-year-old child, and so help me, I will put your arrogant little butt in time-out unless you're ready to get off your high horse and help me figure out what the frell is going on. Got it?" She gave him her best glare, which was truly formidable. Her eyes naturally had a penetrating quality, and she turned it up as far as the dial would go without slipping into the red of literalism.

  • The Marquis de Sod was equally outraged.Araeph, Tue Sep 1 14:50
    Her kid? Her kid? “Obviously,” he sniffed, “I did not intend for my personality to inhabit this body. This form is far too clumsy—not to mention telepathy blind!” He narrowed his eyes and cleared his ... more
    • "Oh no you don't!" — Neshomeh, Thu Sep 3 00:49
      • Not that he would let on in any way. "Yes ma'am." Er, better try that again. "I mean, I temporarily accede to your wishes in the interests of solving this problem." The Marquis attempted to yank... more
        • Jenni considered a moment before replying.Neshomeh, Thu Sep 3 20:47
          Gradually, the haze of terror and anger faded from her mind enough that she was able to process some of what the nameless Flower had said so far. None of it was comforting. "I think," she said... more
          • Failing that, he thought loudly inside his head. Henry. Henry, are you there? Silence. As he expected. The Marquis sighed internally. He didn't really think it would work, anyway. "I'm quite certain... more
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