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((Linguistics: close.))
Thu Sep 3, 2015 09:03

((It's a three-syllable word, with the first syllable being... 'nigh' with an r on the end.))

((Sindarin isn't really my thing, but I know Quenya tends to put the emphasis on the penultimate syllable... no, apparently I'm wrong; it's on the penultimate only if that syllable contains a long vowel, dipthong, or specific consonant clusters. Otherwise it shifts back to the antepenultimate, which means my name is counterintuitively said 'hui-NE-sor-on'. Eesh.))

((Sindarin is - aha, this is all in Appendix E - apparently the same. The specific description is 'where that contains a long vowel, a dipthong, or a vowel followed by two or more consonants'. Which does not apply to 'Naergondir', and therefore the stress jumps to the first syllable.))

((Linguistics is hard. ^_^))


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