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The Auditorium door opened...
Thu Sep 3, 2015 09:34

... and a figure came out. It was slumped over with what seemed to be less exhaustion, more exasperation. Its arms were folded across its chest, and it was glaring down at the floor as if personally offended by it.

Oh, and it also appeared to be made of living flame.

The figure looked up, stopped, and held up its hands.

"I'm going to come right out and suggest you don't come any closer, sir," it called. "There's been some sort of weird body-swapping incident, and I've ended up in some girl who, uh, can turn into fire. I haven't quite figured out how to switch it off yet, so..."


((Salamander is pleased about being able to see again, but he's rather busy being annoyed about being fire.))


  • In the corridorElcalion, Thu Sep 3 09:25
    Logan was beginning to get the hang of... however it was Flowers moved. In a way it wasn't unlike navigating in HQ itself - if you didn't think about it, you got places. He had his hands - sorry,... more
    • The Auditorium door opened... — Huinesoron, Thu Sep 3 09:34
      • In a nearby corridor...PoorCynic, Sun Sep 6 10:46
        …walked a very bedraggled-looking Gremlin and a rather perturbed Xericka. Or, to be more accurate, a perturbed meara in Xericka's body. Which was probably why Gremlin looked as worn as she did. "I... more
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