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Thu Sep 3, 2015 11:14

Wait, please! Don't leave me! Alex began flailing his petals and leaves, then finally discovered he had some tendrily appendages that he could use to haul himself out of the tank, flopping ungracefully onto the floor with a wet slapping noise. Ow. Okay, I'm out. And I'm coming with you! This was not at all how he'd imagined he'd be spending his day.

  • "I happen to know..." SeaTurtle, Thu Sep 3 10:47
    "...that the Hyacinth is a rather good dancer," wrote Tacitus. "The security camera footage was rather entertaining if I do say so myself. Either way, you are mobile. Somehow. Now, seeing as I can't... more
    • Wait!Iximaz, Thu Sep 3 11:14
      • Tacitus looked over his shoulder...SeaTurtle, Fri Sep 4 09:57
        ...obviously irritated. He jerked his head toward the door and looked at Alex. He sat down and stared at the DoSAT intern, waiting for him to regain his footing. "Try to keep up. I won't wait for you ... more
        • After much flailing of tendrils...Iximaz, Fri Sep 4 16:20
          Alex managed to drag himself over to Tacitus. Why couldn't I have gotten one of the non-aquatic Flowers? he grumbled.
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