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Xericka stopped mid-message.
Thu Sep 3, 2015 15:41

That is just what she needed: an interruption. Writing a message to the entirety of Headquarters with one's mind while trying to simultaneously block out the waves of panic and anger pulsing from those nearby was, unsurprisingly, rather difficult and time consuming. She had already gone through a few failed attempts.

Show me the message, Xericka thought. There was admittedly a chance this was private correspondence for the Sunflower Official, but given the circumstances it seemed far more likely this was about the body-switching incident.

And indeed, she was correct. Sort of. Who was Sal?

((I'm going to write the actual message in the thread with Kayleigh and the SO. Reactions will be kept here, unless people get sick of that.))

  • Suddenly!Huinesoron, Thu Sep 3 11:13
    An incoming message appeared on the SO's console, sending out a mental pulse to catch Xericka's attention. To: The Sunflower Official [sunflowerofficial.console.112358he132134an5589.rcA.DMS] From:... more
    • Xericka stopped mid-message. — PoorCynic, Thu Sep 3 15:41
      • In the corridors of Upstairs...Yellow Rose #3, Sat Sep 5 11:59
        This Yellow Rose considered herself very fortunate: when she'd swapped in to this body, she'd found herself very close to the office of the Sunflower Official. The potted cactus flashpatch probably... more
        • Xericka went through her message again.PoorCynic, Sun Sep 6 10:26
          She had finally been able to finish it without accidentally adding her own subconscious thoughts. She had held off on sending it for the moment, however. If this agent who had messaged her really was ... more
          • There he was!Yellow Rose #3, Mon Sep 7 18:23
            Finally she had him all to herself, and she hugged him tightly. But he didn't seem nearly as pleased to see her as she was to see him. When he spoke, doubt began to enter her mind. The voice sounded... more
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