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Thu Sep 3, 2015 15:49

A new message popped open on the console.

~ ~ ~

To: Agent Kayleigh [macespace.console25-09ish.rc145.DBS]
From: The Sunflower Official [sunflowerofficial.console.112358he132134an5589.rcA.DMS]
Subject: Re: Hi, Sal, are you there? The SO's in your body!

You seem to be confused. There is no Sal here.

Also, I am afraid I must ask for some sort of verification that the Sunflower Official is actually with you. Given the present situation, it would be easy for someone to say that without any proof. A demonstration of knowledge is typical in these situations.

No doubt this will make the Sunflower Official upset, if he is indeed present with you. My apologies in advance.

~ ~ ~

  • ((Kayleigh? Of course not.))The Sunflower Official, Thu Sep 3 13:13
    "That will have to do for now." Hopefully this was an isolated incident.
    • Ding! — PoorCynic, Thu Sep 3 15:49
      • Kayleigh read the message out to the SO.Huinesoron, Fri Sep 4 06:07
        Of course, being Kayleigh, she read it out in her most dramatic voice. "No doubt this will make - gasp! - the Sunflower Official - dun-dun-DUNNN! - upset, if - da-dum, da-DUM - he is indeed present... more
        • The SO managed a greatly disaffected look. The Sunflower Official, Fri Sep 4 13:10
          "I said we were going to find out. Since your partner is not in my body, it means this is a larger problem." As for the demonstration of proof, that would be simple. "If they insist on having proof,... more
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