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The Marquis searched his newly acquired cerebrum.
Thu Sep 3, 2015 21:45

Failing that, he thought loudly inside his head.

Henry. Henry, are you there?

Silence. As he expected.

The Marquis sighed internally. He didn't really think it would work, anyway.

"I'm quite certain he isn't. This lumpy human brain's basic control over involuntary actions such as breathing, heartrate, etc., are all intact" -- he forestalled a second panic attack at the thought of what could have happened if any of that changed -- "but there's no higher consciousness in there with me. Still. My own personality remains as it was in my original form, which logically means your son's own consciousness is out there somewhere, undamaged. Just as long as --" he stopped and his eyes widened as images of a six-year-old gleefully putting himself in charge of the Department of Personnel rampaged through his head. "My department! I have to save it!"

Abruptly, he stopped and took several deep breaths. This was, oddly, the one comfort he took in being human: it really calmed him down to breath in through the nose and out through the mouth, as he'd witnessed countless agents do when on the verge of a mental breakdown. "Right. The Kudzu."

((Oh, hooray! Can't wait to meet the Kudzu. Sorry about mucking about with Jenni's facial expressions; I thought it was just action and dialogue I had to watch out for. Never RP'd before, actually, so this is a learning experience!))

  • Jenni considered a moment before replying.Neshomeh, Thu Sep 3 20:47
    Gradually, the haze of terror and anger faded from her mind enough that she was able to process some of what the nameless Flower had said so far. None of it was comforting. "I think," she said... more
    • The Marquis searched his newly acquired cerebrum. — Araeph, Thu Sep 3 21:45
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