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"Yes, we should," said Penny.
Thu Sep 3, 2015 23:27

"Though I imagine that the department would be flooded by cases like yours-- not to mention all of the Nurses suddenly body-swapped out of Medical. We can give it a shot." She retrieved her RA from her pockets and keyed in the coordinates to Medical. "Here we go. After you, Bellman."

Beside Penny, Gaspard paled. "Oh my god! Mom and dad! They must've been swapped too!" He held his hands to his head. "Great. I'm gonna have to try and find mom first, then dad. I'll go on ahead, Penny. I'll give you a ring if I find anything," he said, stepping though the portal and pointing at his earpiece.

"Right then," she said, watching Gaspard leave. Penny turned to Sean. "Well, go on then. Off we pop."

  • "Thankss."Pippa's Ghost, Thu Sep 3 04:27
    After some pushing and rolling, they managed to get Sean into a position where he could stand up. He still felt a little wobbly, but instinct took over and a couple of his heads grabbed the edge of... more
    • "Yes, we should," said Penny. — SeaTurtle, Thu Sep 3 23:27
      • "Great, I hadn't thought of that." JulyFlame, Fri Sep 4 22:56
        "If this is spread through all of HQ there's no telling what's going on. Or being destroyed," he said, automatically resigning himself to the aftermath.
        • Sean took a long, deep breathPippa's Ghost, Sat Sep 5 11:24
 help steady himself before taking his first steps through the portal. When he breathed out, sparks and smoke came from his mouth. Luckily they didn't hit anyone. He glanced down at the heads... more
          • Medical was a mess.SeaTurtle, Sun Sep 6 20:38
            Agents stumbled around, trying to find out who was who and searching for the nearest shiny object to catch a glimpse of their own reflection. "Well," said Penny as she followed Sean through the... more
            • "Good idea." Sean looked around.Pippa's Ghost, Tue Sep 8 10:00
              He was still trying to keep the eyes open on only one of his heads at time. (Any more than that, and he quickly found himself getting giddy again.) Stretching that head's neck up as high as it would... more
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