Kayleigh read the message out to the SO.
Fri Sep 4, 2015 06:07

Of course, being Kayleigh, she read it out in her most dramatic voice.

"No doubt this will make - gasp! - the Sunflower Official - dun-dun-DUNNN! - upset, if - da-dum, da-DUM - he is indeed present with... YOU! My apologiesssss in advancccce..."

She frowned. "So it's not Sal in your body. Then why did you say it was?"

  • Ding!PoorCynic, Thu Sep 3 15:49
    A new message popped open on the console. ~ ~ ~ To: Agent Kayleigh [macespace.console25-09ish.rc145.DBS] From: The Sunflower Official [sunflowerofficial.console.112358he132134an5589.rcA.DMS] Subject: ... more
    • Kayleigh read the message out to the SO. — Huinesoron, Fri Sep 4 06:07
      • The SO managed a greatly disaffected look. The Sunflower Official, Fri Sep 4 13:10
        "I said we were going to find out. Since your partner is not in my body, it means this is a larger problem." As for the demonstration of proof, that would be simple. "If they insist on having proof,... more
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