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"Wait. You have trees?"
Fri Sep 4, 2015 11:24

"Like, inside your RC? That is super-cool! I can't wait to see. I'm so glad my partner got brain-swapped now!" Vania rubbed her hands together, then paused and snickered. "Hey! Can I call you NaergonDoc? Get it? Because 'Doc' is 'gon?' And you're . . . Naer!"

  • "It was assigned to us," Naergondir said.DawnFire, Fri Sep 4 10:55
    Agent Tolluk's exact phrasing was odd--hardly unusual for English translated into Sindarin--but her meaning was clear enough. " We have found it a pleasant enough place to live in: it is a simple... more
    • "Wait. You have trees?" — doctorlit, Fri Sep 4 11:24
      • ...wondering yet again why he had been sent to a place where so many of the race of Men were very nearly as distractible as they were odd. " No, " he said. " My name bears a particular meaning. I... more
        • The smile slowly slid off of Vania's face.doctorlit, Thu Sep 10 11:49
          "Ah. Right. Fine, then. Whatever." She looked away and began scanning the RC numbers on her side of the hallway. Quietly, she muttered, "Guess it's good we don't get Tolkien missions. The elves... more
          • ((And meant to add:))doctorlit, Thu Sep 10 11:50
            ((No problem! We get time when we get time. Hope you're well rested for class!))
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