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Teyala's eyes snapped open as the egg broke.
Fri Sep 4, 2015 11:34

The asari moved quickly, fishing several slivers of meat out of the nearby bowl and offering them to the tiny green creature. The fire-lizard wolfed them down within an instant before trilling for more. The next morsel was slightly bigger, so she hunkered down into the sand to work on her meal.

Teyala could feel the fire-lizard inside her head; a raw if slightly disjointed flood of new emotions. It was certainly not overwhelming, but it was definitely different.

She fished a small towel out of her jacket. It was true: you always should know where a towel is, especially if you worked with children all day. As the fire-lizard continued to eat, Teyala set to work drying her off.

Hello, little one, she thought. I am Teyala, and I will take care of you. Your name… your name is Farida. Welcome to this world.

  • Whoot whoot, fire-lizard!Alleb, Thu Sep 3 18:32
    Alleb saw a bright flash of green as the little dragon emerged from it's shell. It shook itself, then began to mewl, nosing around for food on the sandy floor. Alleb felt the hatchling's intense... more
    • Teyala's eyes snapped open as the egg broke. — PoorCynic, Fri Sep 4 11:34
      • ((OOC: Well actually...))Edhelistar, Sun Sep 6 10:48
        ((...the correct pinyin spelling for the name is Fěi-cuí , but I wasn't going for a correct spelling, I was going for an American English spelling that gave me the pronunciation that was the... more
        • ((Oh, by the way, Nesh...))Alleb, Sun Sep 6 14:51
          ((...Alleb never got to trade her dagger to Ilraen. Do you want to RP that, or just write a little one-liner like: "Alleb handed Ilraen the dagger, then left,"?)) ((-Alleb))
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