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The Sunflower Official
The SO managed a greatly disaffected look.
Fri Sep 4, 2015 13:10

"I said we were going to find out. Since your partner is not in my body, it means this is a larger problem."

As for the demonstration of proof, that would be simple. "If they insist on having proof, there are five mission reports on my desk and depart-mental report prepared for the next board meeting. One of the reports was sent in unfinished with the last line being 'who are we kidding, it isn't like anyone will read this anyways'." Agents did like to stretch the boundaries of their work.

"Tell them to identify themselves as well."

  • Kayleigh read the message out to the SO.Huinesoron, Fri Sep 4 06:07
    Of course, being Kayleigh, she read it out in her most dramatic voice. "No doubt this will make - gasp! - the Sunflower Official - dun-dun-DUNNN! - upset, if - da-dum, da-DUM - he is indeed present... more
    • The SO managed a greatly disaffected look. — The Sunflower Official, Fri Sep 4 13:10
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