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(Sorry, didn't have Internet for a few days)
Fri Sep 4, 2015 13:41

"My name is Chakkik, of the Department of Mary Sues. My Response Center is 512, and..."

A look of dawning comprehension spread on Chakkik's face. "Oh... Hammers of Gnome, I have to find my partner. Whoever is in my body is likely to be scared of my partner, and scared people react violently. My partner is a gentle girl, and I would rather her not be hurt."

  • On the one hand, he didn't like the idea of killing someone just because of what could easily have been an honest mistake. On the other, he wasn't exactly unsympathetic to Chakkik's perspective. He... more
    • (Sorry, didn't have Internet for a few days) — Voyd, Fri Sep 4 13:41
      • ((That's fine!))Tira, Fri Sep 4 15:08
        "Natasha Markova, DMS as well. I suppose we're neighbors, if that even means anything in this place." Natasha held out her hand to shake, removing it from the holster of her gun. "So if we're going... more
        • Chakkik breezed past Natasha...Voyd, Fri Sep 4 21:02
          ... ignoring the outstretched hand. " Doooon Giovaaaaaaanniiii, a cenar teeee-ECK. Ergh, this body is clearly not trained in opera. Are either of you familiar with Mozart's 'Don Giovsnni'?"
          • Natasha shook her head.Tira, Sat Sep 5 00:42
            "Nah, I'm more of a Van Halen kinda girl, and Aaron here sticks with stuff from the Fifties." "It's nostalgic," Aaron replied rather defensively. "It reminds me of..." He broke off suddenly, and... more
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