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Kat stared.
Sat Sep 5, 2015 00:58

"...Nooooo," she said finally. She considered her posture, finally flopped all the way to a lying-down position, and rested her chin on her paws, the picture of canine misery. "I never read Animorphs. Well, except maybe once. School book fairs, y'know..."

She trailed off, eyed him up again. He was a bit weird, she decided. But she probably had no room to talk. "No, I'm a human girl," she said, very definitively.

  • "Oh?"doctorlit, Sat Sep 5 00:54
    Doc lowered his eyebrows in puzzlement; he was too distracted by the conversation to notice their odd weight. "Wait, what do you mean . . ." He gasped! "Are you an Animorph? Oh my gosh, I love... more
    • Kat stared. — Makari, Sat Sep 5 00:58
      • Doc settled down with his head in his hands,doctorlit, Sat Sep 5 01:10
        to match his companion's new position. "But then, how are you in a cat—Luxray body?" I really wish he had been an Animorph. g
        • "She." Makari, Sat Sep 5 01:18
          Kat's lips lifted to reveal very nice teeth, if only briefly. "If I knew that, don't you think I woulda fixed the problem already? I just... wound up here." She huffed again, switching back to... more
          • Broadcasting?doctorlit, Sat Sep 5 01:27
            "Sorry, you sounded like a boy to me. I don't know Luxray culture." Oh, holy crap, she has sharp teeth. "So . . . I teleported into a different RC, and you teleported into someone else's body? That's ... more
            • "Yeah. Broadcasting."Makari, Sat Sep 5 01:44
              She eyed him carefully some more, looking more and more uncertain. "You're not normally a telepath, are you," she said eventually, confused. "I mean, I'm gonna give you that much credit, though I do... more
              • Doc rolled over onto one side.doctorlit, Sat Sep 5 02:03
                "Telepath? What . . . Wait how did you know what I was thinking?" He widened his eyes as he continued to stare. "You mean . . . you hear my thoughts?" he asked, placing a hand over his heart. Which,... more
                • "I don't hear, you send."Makari, Sat Sep 5 02:13
                  "At least, I think that's how it works." Kat shifted, lifting her head from her paws in curiosity at her new friend's reaction-- and then ducking again just as quickly, at the onslaught of thoughts.... more
                  • "I'm sorry! I'm sorry!"doctorlit, Sat Sep 5 09:30
                    Doc leaned stiffly against the wall, careful to keep his hands very far away from himself. He shut his eyes and tried carefully not to think any conscious thoughts, though he couldn't prevent a few... more
                    • She huffed a little, still miffed.Makari, Sat Sep 5 19:31
                      But at the least Kat could straighten again, and this time she got all four paws under her with a minimum of struggling. It helped, she decided, having been a Luxray before. It was still super weird, ... more
                      • Doc's shoulders finally relaxed a bit.doctorlit, Sat Sep 5 22:41
                        "Yeah. Nice to at least have someone else stuck this way with me. I'm Doc, Floater, usually male, unpierced and not psychic in any way. Um, I would normally shake your hand, but . . ." Nonetheless,... more
                        • It was a start.Makari, Sun Sep 6 00:17
                          Kat eyed him a moment longer, then, bemused, sat down and offered him a paw instead. She was hardly equipped for handshakes in this form, but it was close enough. "Nice t'meetcha," she said, sounding ... more
                          • Doc thought for a moment.doctorlit, Sun Sep 6 00:30
                            "Probably. Or Experiments and Research studying author wraiths, and something went weird. Do you want to try checking one of them out? Or should we go to one of the Flowers?"
                            • "Mmmmh."Makari, Sun Sep 6 01:11
                              Kat made a thinking noise. Her lips curled again, the expression of someone whose primary experience with Flowers is the Sunflower Official. "Nah, let's try with the techies first. More explosions,... more
                              • Doc blinked.doctorlit, Sun Sep 6 01:56
                                He certainly didn't see how explosions would improve the situation, but the other agent seemed sure of herself; she probably had more experience than Doc. "Works for me. Are you okay walking, though? ... more
                                • Explosions already helped.Makari, Sun Sep 6 02:03
                                  But in theory, Kat was pretty sure tracking down the culprits and growling at them would help. She shook herself, got back to her feet, and walked a few steps. "I'm fine," she said, tail twitching... more
                                  • "That's true.doctorlit, Sun Sep 6 10:32
                                    Like I said, it's almost like author wraiths, except wraiths don't start out in a body. And they don't make the old personality move out, I don't think." He looked down, but then quickly back up. "I... more
                                    • "You don't know?"Makari, Mon Sep 7 02:17
                                      Kat gave him a look of thinly disguised horror, which didn't communicate over-well on her current face shape. "Pokémon. A Luxray is a fully evolved electric-type that favors physical attack, rather... more
                                      • Doc listened with rising confusion.doctorlit, Mon Sep 7 09:43
                                        "Ah. Well. I had heard of Pokémon, just not this one. My partner does the video games. I do the books." At Katrina's last remark, he paused and gave her a hard stare. "Where else would they be? I... more
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