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the Irish Samurai
Amy shook her head vigorously.
Sat Sep 5, 2015 10:56

"You don't look anything like my sister!" Amy said, then remembered the brief reflection she'd seen of herself. "Oh, but I don't look like me either. I mean, I'm me... but this isn't me."

Amy relaxed slightly now that she'd been able to speak a few sentences: the first bit was always the hardest. "Um, sorry, I get nervous when I meet new people, but you seem nice." She smiled, only half-uncertainly, at the blonde elf.

"Wait, why am I your brother?"

((Yeah, names soon would be a good idea. Amy would have introduced herself now, but she's still not quite with it - although to be fair to her, she's probably coping with this better than I would :)

Also, if you want Gurnirel to have not quite caught on yet, and explain that they are brother and sister because they share the same parents, then Amy wouldn't be offended.

Also also, sorry for my delayed reply.

- Irish))

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    • Amy shook her head vigorously. — the Irish Samurai, Sat Sep 5 10:56
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