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Doc's shoulders finally relaxed a bit.
Sat Sep 5, 2015 22:41 (XFF: 2600:1011:b15c:7057:73b:1626:f4f3:1a1c)

"Yeah. Nice to at least have someone else stuck this way with me. I'm Doc, Floater, usually male, unpierced and not psychic in any way. Um, I would normally shake your hand, but . . ."

Nonetheless, he weakly held out his—or whoever's—hand.

((Oh, man, the work shifts I just shifted. Sorry I couldn't reply more often today.))

  • She huffed a little, still miffed.Makari, Sat Sep 5 19:31
    But at the least Kat could straighten again, and this time she got all four paws under her with a minimum of struggling. It helped, she decided, having been a Luxray before. It was still super weird, ... more
    • Doc's shoulders finally relaxed a bit. — doctorlit, Sat Sep 5 22:41
      • It was a start.Makari, Sun Sep 6 00:17
        Kat eyed him a moment longer, then, bemused, sat down and offered him a paw instead. She was hardly equipped for handshakes in this form, but it was close enough. "Nice t'meetcha," she said, sounding ... more
        • Doc thought for a moment.doctorlit, Sun Sep 6 00:30
          "Probably. Or Experiments and Research studying author wraiths, and something went weird. Do you want to try checking one of them out? Or should we go to one of the Flowers?"
          • "Mmmmh."Makari, Sun Sep 6 01:11
            Kat made a thinking noise. Her lips curled again, the expression of someone whose primary experience with Flowers is the Sunflower Official. "Nah, let's try with the techies first. More explosions,... more
            • Doc blinked.doctorlit, Sun Sep 6 01:56
              He certainly didn't see how explosions would improve the situation, but the other agent seemed sure of herself; she probably had more experience than Doc. "Works for me. Are you okay walking, though? ... more
              • Explosions already helped.Makari, Sun Sep 6 02:03
                But in theory, Kat was pretty sure tracking down the culprits and growling at them would help. She shook herself, got back to her feet, and walked a few steps. "I'm fine," she said, tail twitching... more
                • "That's true.doctorlit, Sun Sep 6 10:32
                  Like I said, it's almost like author wraiths, except wraiths don't start out in a body. And they don't make the old personality move out, I don't think." He looked down, but then quickly back up. "I... more
                  • "You don't know?"Makari, Mon Sep 7 02:17
                    Kat gave him a look of thinly disguised horror, which didn't communicate over-well on her current face shape. "Pokémon. A Luxray is a fully evolved electric-type that favors physical attack, rather... more
                    • Doc listened with rising confusion.doctorlit, Mon Sep 7 09:43
                      "Ah. Well. I had heard of Pokémon, just not this one. My partner does the video games. I do the books." At Katrina's last remark, he paused and gave her a hard stare. "Where else would they be? I... more
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