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"True. Still, it's not like we have a better plan."
Sun Sep 6, 2015 04:46

"We'll stop by your place first and get ourselves equipped, just in case. Then, we make our way to the Sunflowers office. By the time we make it there, there is a good chance he would have found his way back to his office too."

It was here where a small seed was planted in Marvin's head. Perhaps the Sunflower Official also held some clues in his office as to how to bring them back to their own bodies. After all, he is the head of the entire PPC. Surely he of all people- erm, Flowers- would have access to that kind of information.

He turned towards the Yellow Rose, and noticed she still seemed a little wobbly. "Are you good with this body yet? Here," he said, extending his elbow to lean onto. "For balance."

  • "Well, it's RC number −273.15."Cyba Zero, Sat Sep 5 14:20
    He scratched the bony ridge on his head, thankful he had at least a partial substitute for a proper helmet. "However, the Sunflower Official could be anywhere, if he was affected by this swap too.... more
    • "True. Still, it's not like we have a better plan." — World-Jumper, Sun Sep 6 04:46
      • "Ow!" The cranial ridge was good, but still not as good as his helmet. He had to get that back as soon as possible. "I hope this isn't the beginning of a punctuation storm. Let's get going - and... more
        • The only thing the Rose could think of...Yellow Rose #1, Mon Sep 7 18:07
          was the fact that the Sunflower Official might be in FicPsyche too! And the only thing that stopped her running out into the halls to check was the still shaky control she had over this body. Taking... more
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