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"That's true.
Sun Sep 6, 2015 10:32

Like I said, it's almost like author wraiths, except wraiths don't start out in a body. And they don't make the old personality move out, I don't think."

He looked down, but then quickly back up. "I guess these bodies' regular owners are probably in our bodies, huh?

"And you said you've used a Luxray disguise before? What world are they from?"

  • Explosions already helped.Makari, Sun Sep 6 02:03
    But in theory, Kat was pretty sure tracking down the culprits and growling at them would help. She shook herself, got back to her feet, and walked a few steps. "I'm fine," she said, tail twitching... more
    • "That's true. — doctorlit, Sun Sep 6 10:32
      • "You don't know?"Makari, Mon Sep 7 02:17
        Kat gave him a look of thinly disguised horror, which didn't communicate over-well on her current face shape. "Pokémon. A Luxray is a fully evolved electric-type that favors physical attack, rather... more
        • Doc listened with rising confusion.doctorlit, Mon Sep 7 09:43
          "Ah. Well. I had heard of Pokémon, just not this one. My partner does the video games. I do the books." At Katrina's last remark, he paused and gave her a hard stare. "Where else would they be? I... more
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