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In a nearby corridor...
Sun Sep 6, 2015 10:46

…walked a very bedraggled-looking Gremlin and a rather perturbed Xericka. Or, to be more accurate, a perturbed meara in Xericka's body. Which was probably why Gremlin looked as worn as she did.

"I still can't believe this!" Alice-in-Xericka exclaimed. "Some agent is shunted into my body and just decided to go off on a trek across the entirety of the PPC!"

"There's a lot of things I can't believe about this," Gremlin muttered.

Alice did not seem to notice the metahuman's comments. "Has no one heard of respect any more? Does no one think of how to behave during incidents like this? The gall! The cheek!"

Gremlin choked back a snarky rejoinder. Being sarcastic might drive Alice off to go look for her body on her own, and Gremlin couldn't have that. She had to keep tabs on Xericka's body. If that meant suffering through Alice's ranting for what seemed like the fifteenth time, then so be it.

The two agents rounded a corner to find themselves in front of the Auditorium. They immediately halted at the sight of a burning figure standing in front of the Marquis de Sod.

"Is there some sort of attack going on?" Alice asked quietly. She stiffened, as if in preparation for combat.

"I really hope not," Gremlin replied. "Neither of us are exactly kitted out for fighting the Human Torch." She took a few steps forward and raised her voice. "Hey! Uh… are we interrupting something?"

  • The Auditorium door opened...Huinesoron, Thu Sep 3 09:34
    ... and a figure came out. It was slumped over with what seemed to be less exhaustion, more exasperation. Its arms were folded across its chest, and it was glaring down at the floor as if personally... more
    • In a nearby corridor... — PoorCynic, Sun Sep 6 10:46
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