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Medical was a mess.
Sun Sep 6, 2015 20:38

Agents stumbled around, trying to find out who was who and searching for the nearest shiny object to catch a glimpse of their own reflection.

"Well," said Penny as she followed Sean through the portal. "This is a mess. You got your Nurses not being Nurses, agents not being themselves, and everyone checking in for the same problem." She looked around. "I wonder where the line starts... oh. Oh dear." The Chinese woman's expression darkened. "If this is an HQ-wide event, I fear the Nursery might've also been affected. Excuse me for a moment."

She stepped away from Sean and typed a phone number on her smartphone. Penny adjusted the fit of her earpiece as it rang. "Hello, Tacitus? I need you to drop whatever you're doing right now. Go to the Nursery and scout out the place. If they've been affected, organize something to get the children back. Clear?"

On the other end of the line, Tacitus whistled, signalling his acknowledgement. Penny nodded and walked back to Sean. Even if his behaviour was reprehensible most of the time, the Zorua was a quick thinker and a skilled logistician. She could trust him to get the job done.

Penny looked around. Right. There was work to do here. Medical needed to be up and running again-- she'd require a computer, a console or anything with ICEP. The Nurses needed to be recalled to Medical-- if they weren't already on their way. But first... Sean. Don't let a colleague down. "Right," she said to the Assassin. "Let's try to find someone who knows what's going on."

  • Sean took a long, deep breathPippa's Ghost, Sat Sep 5 11:24 help steady himself before taking his first steps through the portal. When he breathed out, sparks and smoke came from his mouth. Luckily they didn't hit anyone. He glanced down at the heads... more
    • Medical was a mess. — SeaTurtle, Sun Sep 6 20:38
      • "Good idea." Sean looked around.Pippa's Ghost, Tue Sep 8 10:00
        He was still trying to keep the eyes open on only one of his heads at time. (Any more than that, and he quickly found himself getting giddy again.) Stretching that head's neck up as high as it would... more
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