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Pippa's Ghost
Gieves was dusting the console in RC4
Wed Sep 9, 2015 11:03

...trying to ignore conversation the Generic Man and Woman sitting in the room. He didn't have any scruples against eavesdropping if it was in a good cause, but this particular conversation wasn't worth listening to.

The Generic Man said, "One Ring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia."

"Dial M for Mordor," said the Generic Woman.

"Good one," replied the Generic Man. "And keeping with the Hitchcock theme, North by Northfarthing."

"Uh, let's see. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Serech."

"You used that one when we played Books in a Middle-earth Library."

"So? This is Middle-earth Film Club now. I can use it again here."

The Generic Man sighed. "Come on, Hild. These games supposed to be about teaching you a wider range of World One culture. You can't just use the same ones all the time."

"Oh, all right." Deep down, Hild thought Sean's knowledge of obscure old thrillers wasn't the range of culture that was worth learning at the PPC. People just didn't post enough badfic about them. Still, the game was a fun way of passing time now the current body swap crisis seemed to have reduced the number of missions being sent to agents. "Look, I'm going out for lunch. We can continue the game when I get back."

"Going out?" asked Sean. "Are you sure? We can get Gieves to microwave something out of the fridge and eat it here."

The mini-Jeeves gave the definite impression of almost, but not quite, tutting at that suggestion.

"Quite sure, thanks. I want to ask people for names of recent films." She walked over to the console, and tapped a few buttons. The Generic Woman was immediately replaced with a blue unicorn stallion.

In the days following the swap, a sort-of etiquette had arisen amongst the swapped agents. It was bad form to walk around HQ in a borrowed body while in a disguise. People liked to recognise their bodies and see what was being done with them. Agents could, and did, disguise themselves in their own RC for comfort, but always dropped the disguise when going out in public. Not everyone followed this, of course, but many did.

After she'd gone, Sean turned to Gieves. "I don't suppose you'd be interested in a game?"

"I regret, sir, that it was young Mr Wooster, not I, who frequented the cinematograph."

"Oh, right."

A few moments of awkward silence, then:

"Oh, **** it. I'll go out too."

Soon, the Generic Man had turned back into a hydra, and headed off.

In the corridors, Hild was distracting herself with seeing how well she could switch between trotting and cantering. Suddenly, something even more distracting came heading towards her: a scantily clad woman on a flying board.

  • "Smell? Of course!"Huinesoron, Wed Sep 9 10:44
    Kayleigh leapt back onto her hoverboard. Admittedly this required her to run halfway across the cafeteria, drag it back across to Sal's side, adjust the settings, and then jump up, but her enthusiasm ... more
    • Gieves was dusting the console in RC4 — Pippa's Ghost, Wed Sep 9 11:03
      • "Horse!"Huinesoron, Thu Sep 10 02:29
        Kayleigh's hoverboard swung abruptly vertical, ramming its nose into the ceiling, then dropped to the floor. Unharmed, its rider hopped off and stood directly in front of the blue unicorn. "Hello,... more
        • Yoof kept up with Salamander.doctorlit, Thu Sep 10 12:21
          He would have preferred to stay in the cafeteria and wait for SÚverine . . . but SÚverine still hadn't come back, after two days. If these agents were going to find the head-switcher, that might help ... more
          • "That's right," said Hild to the two-headed ogrePippa's Ghost, Thu Sep 10 15:06
            "You're Kyaris, aren't you? And, uh, Gareth? No, Jareth. That's it." She gave him a friendly smile -- it was rare to see another non-elf agent from Arda -- then turned her attention back to the other ... more
            • "Greetings, Hild of the Hill Country."Huinesoron, Fri Sep 11 07:32
              Jareth smiled back at Hild, but Kyaris was already talking. "I know what he means - well, obviously. One of the heads I picked up during the Invasion is particularly prone to headaches - I've... more
              • "Okay!"doctorlit, Fri Sep 11 10:01
                Yoof was beginning to like the agent on the flying thing. She was always very happy, and that made Yoof feel better! Despite being told to look for a color, Yoof began sniffing at the air and tried... more
                • Hild was not quite sure...Pippa's Ghost, Fri Sep 11 12:24
                  ...what she was supposed to be sniffing for, but she kept sniffing the air anyway. Well, kept sniffing it for all of twenty seconds before she remembered where she was. The last thing you did to find ... more
                  • "We should sing a song!"Huinesoron, Fri Sep 11 15:43
                    Kayleigh was swooping backwards and forwards over the group. "I'll start. Let's sing Beethoven's Fifth ! DA DA DA DUMMMM!" Jareth muttered something to Kyaris, then stepped their body back to walk... more
                    • "Yeeeaaah."doctorlit, Fri Sep 11 19:04
                      "Supposed to be a mawg. Half man, half dog. I'm my own best friend!" He smiled, but it faded quickly. "I miss SÚverine. And man body boring! Can't hear, can't smell." He gasped. "Bet it can't taste... more
                      • Hild was talking to Jareth.Pippa's Ghost, Sat Sep 12 15:22
                        "No, I never trained in the Iron Fortress myself. I sometimes took messages there from my tribe, and back again. Because I'm blonde, I could pass as a Forgil, so I never had to worry about being... more
                        • "No, I've given up carrying things around - this body likes to burst into flames at every opportunity." He blinked. "I think I said that already. But it's still weird." When Hild paused, Jareth took... more
                          • Yoof sniffed experimentally.doctorlit, Tue Sep 15 15:59
                            "Oh! I smell that!" He walked to the stand and inhaled, moving his head from one end to the other as he did so. "Guess human nose okay sometimes!" He turned to Bjam. "What is this stuff? Smells... more
                            • Being a semi-fic blip characterPippa's Ghost, Thu Sep 17 07:07
                              ...meant that some of Hild's memories were confused and contradictory. Her author had never fixed the details by writing them down. Right now Hild couldn't shake the feeling that, in one possible... more
                              • "Well," said Kayleigh.Huinesoron, Tue Sep 22 06:22
                                "No, wait, not a well. You know how we've all had out bodies swapped?" "Er, you haven't," bjam pointed out. "Obviously not me we, but in a spiritual sense, I'm totally right there with you." "Er.... more
                                • ((Hild is in a MLP unicorn body.))Pippa's Ghost, Tue Sep 22 13:31
                                  ((She's buying something to help Sean relax, because he's having trouble adjusting to multiple heads, and is very stressed out and grumpy as a result. ((And yes, she does drink. Mostly beer and ale.... more
                                  • ((Bother. Correction, then:))Huinesoron, Wed Sep 23 04:50
                                    "For stress in carnivores," she went on, looking at Hild, "I recommend my special Double Marrow Infusion. That's bone marrow and marrow-the-vegetable. Sprinkle some in a bowl of hot water and... more
                                    • "Sounds good. I'll take it."Pippa's Ghost, Thu Sep 24 04:37
                                      Hild tried to put her mouth into the pocket of her (or rather, the unicorn's) little black waistcoat to pull out her money pouch. But each time she tried, she just ended up pushing the pocket further ... more
                                  • Yoof's borrowed eyes widened. "Beef?"doctorlit, Tue Sep 22 18:21
                                    He grabbed up the container Bjam had pointed out and took a big whiff of the beef scent. "Aaaaaah, meeeaaat!" He grinned briefly, but then pouted. "But SÚverine has all the money . . . Maybe smell... more
                                    • Bjam beamed.Huinesoron, Mon Sep 28 09:42
                                      "Don't worry about payment, either of you. Anyone dragged around by Kay is a friend of mine. Not to mention you lot seem to be the only hope for sorting this whole mess," she gestured at her borrowed ... more
                                      • Yoof sniffed at the card.doctorlit, Tue Sep 29 17:36
                                        Then, he picked out one of the beef-scented products. "Thank you, nice smell lady!" He took a big whiff. "Outside the cafeteria, huh? I can always get to the cafeteria real quick!" He started... more
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