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The smile slowly slid off of Vania's face.
Thu Sep 10, 2015 11:49

"Ah. Right. Fine, then. Whatever."

She looked away and began scanning the RC numbers on her side of the hallway. Quietly, she muttered, "Guess it's good we don't get Tolkien missions. The elves always seemed way nicer than this in Jay and Acacia's reports."

Happening upon a potential new thread of conversation, Vania turned back to NaergonDoc (as she would continue to think of him in her head). "So, First Age. That's like, way before The Hobbit and all, right? Do you get missions for that time period, or is it mostly the usual Tenth Walkers for you guys?"

  • ...wondering yet again why he had been sent to a place where so many of the race of Men were very nearly as distractible as they were odd. " No, " he said. " My name bears a particular meaning. I... more
    • The smile slowly slid off of Vania's face. — doctorlit, Thu Sep 10 11:49
      • ((And meant to add:))doctorlit, Thu Sep 10 11:50
        ((No problem! We get time when we get time. Hope you're well rested for class!))
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