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((So: work is boring, Quenya isn't.))
Fri Sep 11, 2015 10:22

((Here's the entirety of Gurnirel's Quenya speech:

Otornonya? Meldaner, nį sillumė hastaina?

Meldaner? Nį sillumė tanca?

Otorno, nį elyė tanca? Otornonya? Meldaner, mana martėa tyen?

I've chosen to preserve the symmetry in 'is all well/are you well' by rendering them as the same question with a different subject: 'is the hour steady/are you [emphatic pronoun] steady?'. In the final sentence, 'what is happening to you', she uses the familiar 'tye' for you, rather than the more formal 'lye'.

And yes, she drops the 'nya' for brevity in the third line, only to reintroduce it for emphasis. 'Brother' versus 'my brother'.

hS, deciding whether Sindarin is boring or not.))

  • ((And thank you! Always fun to see something like this :D Especially when you wake up to it (as I did on the day when I started writing this). Meldaner is indeed 'beloved man', though I also have it... more
    • ((So: work is boring, Quenya isn't.)) — Huinesoron, Fri Sep 11 10:22
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