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Salamander grinned - carefully, keeping his teeth hidden.
Mon Sep 14, 2015 04:30

"No, I've given up carrying things around - this body likes to burst into flames at every opportunity." He blinked. "I think I said that already. But it's still weird."

When Hild paused, Jareth took it as an opening. "Which tribe-?" But then she sniffed, and he fell silent.

Kayleigh cocked her head in response to Hild, and took a deep breath. "No, wait, in through the nose..." She sniffed. "You're right; I'd recognise that smell anywhere. Well done, Agent Horse - ten house points to you!"

Swinging her hoverboard around, Kayleigh bounced off a wall and span around a corner. She came to a stop in front of a blonde elf-woman and immediately threw her arms around her, knocking the sign the woman was holding to the ground.

"Beeeeeeeeeee-wait." Kayleigh frowned and took a step back. "You are not bjam." She looked at the aromatherapy stand leaning against the wall, and down at the sign lying on the floor (which said, in shaky letters, 'It'll all get better soon'), and suddenly her mace was in her hand. "You've stolen my friend's stuff. What have you done with her?"

"Um." The elf stumbled back from Kayleigh. "Kay, it's me. I got body-swapped, you know? With some woman from Out-of-Character Hobbits. But I'm still me."

Kayleigh glowered at her. "Prove it."

"Um... go PPC?"

"Bjam!" Kayleigh threw her arms around the Official PPC Morale Officer & Aromatherapist (Department of Operations, Department of Fictional Psychology [disputed]). "How long has it been?"

"About a week, I think." Bjam struggled free and knelt down to pick up her sign. "So, uh, what brings you here?"


((The Wiki says bjam is retired. I reject that reality and purloin her for my own use.

((She's currently in the body of Maethorwen of the DOOCH, because I forgot she existed. Blonde, emerald eyes, 5'9''.

((Bjam will not be joining the party, but feel free to ask her questions/buy aromatherapy oils/request an uplifting slogan.

((hS, stealing his friends' characters since '04))

  • Hild was talking to Jareth.Pippa's Ghost, Sat Sep 12 15:22
    "No, I never trained in the Iron Fortress myself. I sometimes took messages there from my tribe, and back again. Because I'm blonde, I could pass as a Forgil, so I never had to worry about being... more
    • Salamander grinned - carefully, keeping his teeth hidden. — Huinesoron, Mon Sep 14 04:30
      • Yoof sniffed experimentally.doctorlit, Tue Sep 15 15:59
        "Oh! I smell that!" He walked to the stand and inhaled, moving his head from one end to the other as he did so. "Guess human nose okay sometimes!" He turned to Bjam. "What is this stuff? Smells... more
        • Being a semi-fic blip characterPippa's Ghost, Thu Sep 17 07:07
          ...meant that some of Hild's memories were confused and contradictory. Her author had never fixed the details by writing them down. Right now Hild couldn't shake the feeling that, in one possible... more
          • "Well," said Kayleigh.Huinesoron, Tue Sep 22 06:22
            "No, wait, not a well. You know how we've all had out bodies swapped?" "Er, you haven't," bjam pointed out. "Obviously not me we, but in a spiritual sense, I'm totally right there with you." "Er.... more
            • ((Hild is in a MLP unicorn body.))Pippa's Ghost, Tue Sep 22 13:31
              ((She's buying something to help Sean relax, because he's having trouble adjusting to multiple heads, and is very stressed out and grumpy as a result. ((And yes, she does drink. Mostly beer and ale.... more
              • ((Bother. Correction, then:))Huinesoron, Wed Sep 23 04:50
                "For stress in carnivores," she went on, looking at Hild, "I recommend my special Double Marrow Infusion. That's bone marrow and marrow-the-vegetable. Sprinkle some in a bowl of hot water and... more
                • "Sounds good. I'll take it."Pippa's Ghost, Thu Sep 24 04:37
                  Hild tried to put her mouth into the pocket of her (or rather, the unicorn's) little black waistcoat to pull out her money pouch. But each time she tried, she just ended up pushing the pocket further ... more
              • Yoof's borrowed eyes widened. "Beef?"doctorlit, Tue Sep 22 18:21
                He grabbed up the container Bjam had pointed out and took a big whiff of the beef scent. "Aaaaaah, meeeaaat!" He grinned briefly, but then pouted. "But SÚverine has all the money . . . Maybe smell... more
                • Bjam beamed.Huinesoron, Mon Sep 28 09:42
                  "Don't worry about payment, either of you. Anyone dragged around by Kay is a friend of mine. Not to mention you lot seem to be the only hope for sorting this whole mess," she gestured at her borrowed ... more
                  • Yoof sniffed at the card.doctorlit, Tue Sep 29 17:36
                    Then, he picked out one of the beef-scented products. "Thank you, nice smell lady!" He took a big whiff. "Outside the cafeteria, huh? I can always get to the cafeteria real quick!" He started... more
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