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Pippa's Ghost
"Sounds good. I'll take it."
Thu Sep 24, 2015 04:37

Hild tried to put her mouth into the pocket of her (or rather, the unicorn's) little black waistcoat to pull out her money pouch. But each time she tried, she just ended up pushing the pocket further away.

Robbing a colleague obviously wasn't an option, so she asked, "Can you deliver? RC4. I'll pay when it arrives."

  • ((Bother. Correction, then:))Huinesoron, Wed Sep 23 04:50
    "For stress in carnivores," she went on, looking at Hild, "I recommend my special Double Marrow Infusion. That's bone marrow and marrow-the-vegetable. Sprinkle some in a bowl of hot water and... more
    • "Sounds good. I'll take it." — Pippa's Ghost, Thu Sep 24 04:37
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