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Bjam beamed.
Mon Sep 28, 2015 09:42

"Don't worry about payment, either of you. Anyone dragged around by Kay is a friend of mine. Not to mention you lot seem to be the only hope for sorting this whole mess," she gestured at her borrowed body, "in any reasonable timeframe."

Kayleigh grinned. "That's the spirit! Bjam, if I haven't told you recently, you're an awesome morale officer."

"You have," Salamander pointed out. "Last week."

"Good! So, let's see, where were we?"

"Complementing me," bjam supplied, handing Yoof a business card (a miniature sign with 'Go PPC Aromatherapy' on it). "Which means you're about to ask me for something."

"How did you know? No, never mind!" Kayleigh put on her most serious face. "Bjam: people have had their bodies switched. Can you believe it?"

Bjam looked down at herself. "Um. Yes?"

"Oh, right. And I thought, since you spend so much time wandering around HQ, you might have... seen something?"

"Um." Bjam cocked her head. "I've seen... lots of things?"

Salamander stepped forward, trying to stop his hands from turning into flames. "I think she means, anything that might help us put things right."

"Ummmm." Bjam bit Maethorwen's lip. "Well... it's not much, you understand..."

"It's more than we've got right now," Salamander said.

"Right. Well, right after the swap happened, I was singing encouraging ditties outside the Cafeteria, and this group of DoSAT techs ran past... they were babbling something about field strengths and dropoffs, I didn't really understand, but it sounded... important. One of them stopped to get a pamphlet, which was nice."

Kayleigh grabbed her hoverboard again. "TO THE CAFETERIA!"

"I said outside," bjam corrected, "by the Fountain of Bleepka."


"Kayleigh, we should really think about-" Salamander stopped, watching his partner's retreating back. "Right. Forgot who I was talking to, there."


Why the FofB? I just like it :P. When we get there, I propose that one of you finds another clue, so we can keep the random walking going until July says we've found something.


  • Yoof's borrowed eyes widened. "Beef?"doctorlit, Tue Sep 22 18:21
    He grabbed up the container Bjam had pointed out and took a big whiff of the beef scent. "Aaaaaah, meeeaaat!" He grinned briefly, but then pouted. "But SÚverine has all the money . . . Maybe smell... more
    • Bjam beamed. — Huinesoron, Mon Sep 28 09:42
      • Yoof sniffed at the card.doctorlit, Tue Sep 29 17:36
        Then, he picked out one of the beef-scented products. "Thank you, nice smell lady!" He took a big whiff. "Outside the cafeteria, huh? I can always get to the cafeteria real quick!" He started... more
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