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Yoof sniffed at the card.
Tue Sep 29, 2015 17:36 (XFF: 2600:1011:b163:e6b0:6a8e:dbaa:861d:3a18)

Then, he picked out one of the beef-scented products. "Thank you, nice smell lady!" He took a big whiff.

"Outside the cafeteria, huh? I can always get to the cafeteria real quick!" He started marching down a corridor, saying quietly to himself, "'Once upon a time warp, in a galaxy very, very, very, very, far away . . .'"

((Sorry I made the posts get out of order! And obviously, feel free to wrap up anything that needs wrapping before following Yoof.))

  • Bjam beamed.Huinesoron, Mon Sep 28 09:42
    "Don't worry about payment, either of you. Anyone dragged around by Kay is a friend of mine. Not to mention you lot seem to be the only hope for sorting this whole mess," she gestured at her borrowed ... more
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