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"Of course we did it!"
Tue Oct 6, 2015 11:13

Kayleigh hopped down from her hoverboard, landing on top of one of the mini-balrog statues surrounding the Fountain of Bleepka, and posed dramatically. "Now go forth and seek- yerk!"

Kayleigh tumbled into the Fountain, raising an almighty splash. Kyaris folded her arms and looked challengingly at the group.

"What? You were all dying to push her, I just got there first."

"Pushing the person who's trying to fix this whole thing isn't exactly productive," Jareth growled.

Kyaris shrugged the one shoulder she had control over. "Okay, she found us one person who might have maybe known something. But do you really think she's the most likely to find a real clue?"

Kayleigh surfaced from the bleepka fountain, waving her hand. "Hey! Hey guys! I found a clue!"

"Oh, that's just not-"

"Kayleigh." Salamander shook his head and held out a hand to help his partner out. "That's a chip packet. People chuck rubbish in there all the time."

"... it might be a clue."


((I'm really sorry for being so blah about actually replying.

((Anyway: go find a clue!))


  • ((Mkay, I'm just going to fast forward. >.>))doctorlit, Tue Oct 6 09:52
    ". . . 'Well, goodbye Virgin Alarm.'" Yoof finished reciting. "Oh! We're at the fountain you guys! We did good!" He turned excitedly to his companions, who had just sat through the entire script of... more
    • "Of course we did it!" — Huinesoron, Tue Oct 6 11:13
      • That aromatherapist had said the DoSAT techs ran past the fountain. There was no reason why they should've left anything important here, rather than at wherever they came from or wherever they went... more
        • (He grabbed the chocolate wrapper and licked out the remaining residue on the way, but he still walked to the corridor.) He tested the air with big, exaggerated sniffs. "Yep! Still smelled like... more
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