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Pippa's Ghost
Hild didn't know why there was supposed to be a clue here.
Wed Oct 7, 2015 11:52

That aromatherapist had said the DoSAT techs ran past the fountain. There was no reason why they should've left anything important here, rather than at wherever they came from or wherever they went or in any of the other corridors in between.

Not that it would be immediately obvious if the technicians had dropped anything here. As Kayleigh's chip wrapper showed, the janitors had been sloppy about cleaning the place ever since the swap. Who was the one responsible for this area? Hild thought it might be Mr. Norris, the janitor from My Immortal, who had fallen into HQ through one of that fics many plotholes, along with his pet cat Filth.

Hild wondered if he and Filth had been swapped, bringing them both closer to their canon selves. Either way, this place had been neglected. There were quite a few wrappers and other bits of paper scattered about. Not too many, but just enough to break up HQ's usual uniform grey appearance.

Hild idly started looking at some of them, just in case they contained directions on how to find the secret hiding place of the bodyswap engine. A chocolate wrapper, a couple of receipts from the cafeteria, a scrunched-up morale pamphlet, a used tissue, a...

Wait a minute.

"Hey, folks!" called Hild. "I think I've found something. Look, lying at the start of this corridor. It's the pamphlet the aromatherapist gave to the DoSAT techs. They must've gone this way."

((Yes, I prefer coaxing a clue out of what's already been established. I read too much Agatha Christie in my youth. Blame her.))

  • "Of course we did it!"Huinesoron, Tue Oct 6 11:13
    Kayleigh hopped down from her hoverboard, landing on top of one of the mini-balrog statues surrounding the Fountain of Bleepka, and posed dramatically. "Now go forth and seek- yerk!" Kayleigh tumbled ... more
    • Hild didn't know why there was supposed to be a clue here. — Pippa's Ghost, Wed Oct 7 11:52
      • (He grabbed the chocolate wrapper and licked out the remaining residue on the way, but he still walked to the corridor.) He tested the air with big, exaggerated sniffs. "Yep! Still smelled like... more
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