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Natasha nodded at the pair...
Fri Oct 30, 2015 21:05

...and then did her best to adopt a pose that gave off an air of casual superiority and made the cape-like part around her waist hang dramatically. Aaron, who was rather uncomfortably aware that his general behavior probably qualified as in-character, just smiled at them.

"You're Will and VJ, right? Nat's mentioned you before," he said.

"Let me guess... Death from the Sandman comics?" Natasha remarked, lowering her voice to an appropriately masculine timbre. "And... someone from Doctor Who? Or is it just supposed to be vaguely Victorian?"

  • "You look absolutely ridiculous."Matt Cipher, Fri Oct 30 19:15
    A slender young woman gently elbowed the man next to her in the ribs. She was pale and almost everything she had on her was black: the coloured contacts, the lipstick, the tank top, the jeans, the... more
    • Natasha nodded at the pair... — Tira, Fri Oct 30 21:05
      • "That's right!" Anonymous, Sat Oct 31 07:06
        VJ beamed at them, before jumping over to Natasha and catching her in a hug. "Well, almost... Will's supposed to be Jack the Ripper. And I follow him everywhere he goes. Ain't that topical?" "The... more
        • "Yes, very. Though I've seen Jack the Ripper, and she didn't look anything like William's costume." "That's because he's basing his off real life, not your home continuum," Aaron interjected. Natasha ... more
          • "Oh? Your Ripper was a woman, too?"Matt Cipher, Sat Oct 31 08:42
            William raised his eyebrow. "Well, mine was a demon but still took a form of a little girl. That's actually a pretty interestin story." "Which I'm sure we'd all wanna hear but, if you excuse me,... more
            • "Yours was also a little girl? In my version, she was the daughter of a prostitute, trying to return the womb where she last felt safe, but you could say that in the end she became something like a... more
              • William put the phone closer to his ear, trying to familiarize himself with all the little details of the voice Natasha desired. After listening to it three times, he returned the phone. "A'right, I... more
                • Natasha swallowed briefly.Tira, Sat Oct 31 20:20
                  "Let's see..." She flinched momentarily at the unfamiliar voice coming from her own throat, but grinned at the overall effect. "Thanks, William. This is great." "I stick by my earlier statement that... more
        • ((Craaaap, not again!)) (nm)Matt Cipher, Sat Oct 31 07:07
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