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(Aw, heck with it!)
Fri Oct 30, 2015 22:12

A dark-haired Asian youth ran past him, yelping periodically; if one were to follow him, they would notice that he was dressed in a dark brown adventurer's vest over a blue short-sleeved shirt, faded blue jeans, and jungle boots.

A moment later, the reason for his alarm became clear. Snapping at his heels was a man-sized dinosaur with scaly skin, pronated hands, curved claws on its feet, and distinctive blue markings running down the sides of its torso, tail, neck, and lizard-like face.

Before the brunette could react, the Asian had doubled back and grabbed his arm. "You've got to help me!" he cried. "The raptors have a new alpha and they've killed all of Hoskin's men and - AAH!"

The raptor with the blue markings had pounced at him and... nuzzled his face into the Asian's neck and shoulder. This, of course, left both of them laughing.

"You're so easy to scare, brother," said Ripper. "It really is a wonder you can even handle yourself on missions."

"Okay, okay! I get it!" Falchion chortled. "Don't get ahead of yourself, though, we've got newcomers around here!" He turned to the brown-haired man and smiled. "Hey, uh, sorry if we scared you. We were just having a little fun!"

"You are," Ripper added. "I only came here to see a friend. And I'm still questioning your idea to use a D.O.R.K.S. to disguise me like this, too..."

(Falchion is dressed as Owen Grady, from Jurassic World. Ripper, of course, is Blue.)

  • A young brown haired man...SillyPhilly, Fri Oct 30 21:30
    Dressed as Trainer Red and holding a Petilil in his arms sheepishly walks in. He wants so socialize with the oterhs but is quite shy.
    • (Aw, heck with it!) — SkarmorySilver, Fri Oct 30 22:12
      • ...?SillyPhilly, Fri Oct 30 22:40
        The newbie slowly tils his head to the side. "Um...h-hi?" The Petilil nuzzles into his chest, scared.
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