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"Thank you for inviting us."
Sat Oct 31, 2015 08:11

Jo beamed winningly as she took the proffered hand. "And yes, we have. So far. I mean, we only just got here, so it'd be hard not to, right?"

"Sorry 'bout that, fam," Sam rumbled, patting out his costume. "I get pis-" He winced at the elbow in the ribs from Tessa, who made a subtle prayer gesture at Alleb. "-annoyed. Yeah. Um, very annoyed, and irritated. And that happens."

Minty, meanwhile, was content to take a delicate sip of something fruity and potentially lethal squatting in a martini glass. "Oh yes, I'd say we were eclectic. Indeed, we're quite the..." and here she stood closer and closer to him, oblivious to Alleb's glances and the barely-contained fury of her demeanour. "Proposition. Wouldn't you say...?" The pause was obviously there to let Michael give her his name, and then whatever else he might feel like giving her in a quiet spot.

Sally, meanwhile, could all but smell the Christianity on Alleb, and was content to stay as far away from her as possible. You occasionally got the religious nutjobs throwing bottles at your head, and holy water left burns like an acid attack on people like her. She smiled weakly at the barman and ordered a glass of Rioja, at least in part because drinking something at least a little bit red helped quell the cravings for some reason. That it came in what basically amounted to a bucket on a stick meant the barman had the same idea of a small glass as she did.

She looked on as Minty draped herself over that poor Roman legionary and went over to Starlight, who was fishing around in a pocket next to a nervous-looking woman with a militarily short blonde haircut and just so happened to be in the opposite direction. Thankfully, she'd moved on from trying to give the barman a healing crystal connected to the Moon, so that was something. It was also safer. No vampire wanted to be on the wrong side of someone with Alleb's level of faith, and if all else failed, the stoner was someone she could hide behind.

  • "Er... hi?" Michael squeaked. Alleb, Fri Oct 30 23:56
    Come to think of it, he did remember a voice suspiciously similar to the one making the introductions screaming across the room. What had she said? But perhaps that wasn't important now. "Wow, uh,... more
    • "Thank you for inviting us." — Scapegrace, Sat Oct 31 08:11
      • Michael yelped and backed away hastily. Alleb, Sat Oct 31 12:27
        "I-- what-- why-- who--" he stuttered, red-faced. Under normal circumstances he was flustered around girls, but he'd never had one do that before. "I-- uh-- drink! I'll get a-- I mean get you a--... more
        • "You're too kind, darling."To The Scapemobile!, Sat Oct 31 18:03
          "And your own attire is just so you !" Minty took Alleb's hand and gave it a demure, rather affected shake, and leaned in to kiss her on the cheek. "Nemo me impune lacessit," she whispered in the... more
          • Training kicked in. Alleb, Sat Oct 31 18:29
            Perhaps already having her teeth gritted helped, and Alleb managed not to scream. That didn't mean she wasn't hurt: on the scale of injuries she had received during her time as a Knight of Alleble,... more
            • "Time out."Scapegrace, Sun Nov 1 04:00
              In the manner of smart quipster heroes everywhere, Tessa's one liner only came after she'd fired her freeze ray. Minty was going to be stuck there for about ten minutes, assuming the molecular... more
              • "Thank you."Alleb, Sun Nov 1 16:47
                With a wince and a barely suppressed groan, Alleb laid her crooked hand on the tabletop. Thankfully, the debacle hadn't attracted too much notice, although Minty's still form was starting to draw... more
                • "... Probably?"Scapegrace, Sun Nov 1 18:03
                  Tessa shrugged. "Eh, I've been meaning to test this on something other than a car jack, but none of those melted or burst into flames since the most recent firmware update so she'll probably be... more
                  • ...and her threshold had nearly been passed by the injury to begin with. As such, she howled like every wolvin in Yewland was after her. "GREAT GALLOPING MOONRASCALS!!" she shrieked. This was like... more
                    • "Magic," she said, as if it explained anything. "Well, um, the only magic is stuff I'm not using, I just bartered away some food and beer for healing and used a lock of hair for warding courtesy of a ... more
                      • Alleb bent her wrist carefully.Alleb, Sun Nov 1 20:06
                        It didn't feel any different, but murin steel didn't feel much different from regular steel. She lowered her hand and looked straight into Jo's eyes; it felt a little odd, since Jo was looking over... more
            • Unnoticed by anyone but poor Hoid...Alleb, Sat Oct 31 20:55
              ...Michael ducked out of the bar, straightening his cloak and helmet. " Thank goodness Alleb distracted her! " he thought as he fled towards the stage. " I'll make it up to her somehow. " -Alleb
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