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Matt Cipher
"Huh, would you look at that. We need to trade stories."
Sat Oct 31, 2015 11:28

William put the phone closer to his ear, trying to familiarize himself with all the little details of the voice Natasha desired. After listening to it three times, he returned the phone.

"A'right, I can do it. I'm goin' to give you a simple Glamour, like the one I'm wearin' right now." William pointed at his black hair and fairly normal skin. He waggled his fingers, and green flames crackled between them.

"You know, I could just coat your vocal chords... but I think I'll go one step further." William passed his hand by Natasha's throat and closed his eyes. He felt a surge of heat escaping his palm and coating the girl's neck. With one smooth motion he grazed her cheekbones, altering them, in order to accomodate to the new larynx.

"There. How does that sound now?" he asked after shaking off some excessive smoke from his fingers.

  • "Yours was also a little girl? In my version, she was the daughter of a prostitute, trying to return the womb where she last felt safe, but you could say that in the end she became something like a... more
    • "Huh, would you look at that. We need to trade stories." — Matt Cipher, Sat Oct 31 11:28
      • Natasha swallowed briefly.Tira, Sat Oct 31 20:20
        "Let's see..." She flinched momentarily at the unfamiliar voice coming from her own throat, but grinned at the overall effect. "Thanks, William. This is great." "I stick by my earlier statement that... more
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