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Training kicked in.
Sat Oct 31, 2015 18:29

Perhaps already having her teeth gritted helped, and Alleb managed not to scream. That didn't mean she wasn't hurt: on the scale of injuries she had received during her time as a Knight of Alleble, this one ranked third. The first was that one time she had eaten an entire pot of Elsbeth's stew: in fifteen minutes.

Her left hand, the one that didn't have at least one (more likely several) bones broken, immediately began moving for the murin steel knife she had stashed beneath her tutu. If she could score even a shallow cut on Minty's forearm, her hand would be freed.

But then a memory came to her: It was a scene from one of the famed Sir Aidan's adventures. The young knight had almost single-handedly destroyed Paragor's army, and rescued many hostages from Rucifel-- the Prince's second-in-command-- with only a handful of spiders and arrows.

That wasn't the part of the tale that came back to Alleb, though: what she recalled was when Sir Aidan and his friend, the Lady Gwenne, were trying to convince the king of Mithegard not to sign a treaty with Paragory. Rival knights of that kingdom, and, indeed, Rucifel himself, had almost convinced the king to agree. After Aidan was dismissed by the king, and on his way out of the courtroom, one of the Paragor's knights had shoved Aidan to the ground, jeering at him and prompting him to a duel. Sir Aidan had drawn his sword, intending to kill the knight: but instead he had offered it as a promise of peace.

Although her eyes were watering from the pain, Alleb offered her other, shaking hand. "In my defense God me defend," she answered.


  • "You're too kind, darling."To The Scapemobile!, Sat Oct 31 18:03
    "And your own attire is just so you !" Minty took Alleb's hand and gave it a demure, rather affected shake, and leaned in to kiss her on the cheek. "Nemo me impune lacessit," she whispered in the... more
    • Training kicked in. — Alleb, Sat Oct 31 18:29
      • "Time out."Scapegrace, Sun Nov 1 04:00
        In the manner of smart quipster heroes everywhere, Tessa's one liner only came after she'd fired her freeze ray. Minty was going to be stuck there for about ten minutes, assuming the molecular... more
        • "Thank you."Alleb, Sun Nov 1 16:47
          With a wince and a barely suppressed groan, Alleb laid her crooked hand on the tabletop. Thankfully, the debacle hadn't attracted too much notice, although Minty's still form was starting to draw... more
          • "... Probably?"Scapegrace, Sun Nov 1 18:03
            Tessa shrugged. "Eh, I've been meaning to test this on something other than a car jack, but none of those melted or burst into flames since the most recent firmware update so she'll probably be... more
            • ...and her threshold had nearly been passed by the injury to begin with. As such, she howled like every wolvin in Yewland was after her. "GREAT GALLOPING MOONRASCALS!!" she shrieked. This was like... more
              • "Magic," she said, as if it explained anything. "Well, um, the only magic is stuff I'm not using, I just bartered away some food and beer for healing and used a lock of hair for warding courtesy of a ... more
                • Alleb bent her wrist carefully.Alleb, Sun Nov 1 20:06
                  It didn't feel any different, but murin steel didn't feel much different from regular steel. She lowered her hand and looked straight into Jo's eyes; it felt a little odd, since Jo was looking over... more
      • Unnoticed by anyone but poor Hoid...Alleb, Sat Oct 31 20:55
        ...Michael ducked out of the bar, straightening his cloak and helmet. " Thank goodness Alleb distracted her! " he thought as he fled towards the stage. " I'll make it up to her somehow. " -Alleb
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