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A third Roman legionnaire walked into the hall.
Sat Oct 31, 2015 20:37

This one was blond-haired and brilliantly blue-eyed, and looked a great deal like Chris Pine. He spotted the Guardsman almost instantly and walked over, grinning.

"Yo, Emi," he said, and clapped the Guardsman on the shoulder. "Ave, or whatever. How's it hangin'?"

  • Two more!SeaTurtle, Fri Oct 30 23:24
    Despite being one of the tallest and most imposting figures present thanks to his powered armoursuit, Gaspard was sticking to the edges of the hall, casting furtive glances at the crowd while... more
    • Hasina nudged Dirk in the ribs. Alleb, Sun Nov 1 22:48
      "Hey," she said, nodding towards a towering blue armorsuit near the food table. "Chi-won seems to be doing fine, and that one looks lonely." Dirk glanced at the ukulele player. He was currently... more
      • "Huh?"SeaTurtle, Sun Nov 1 23:23
        For the second time that night, someone commented on Gaspard's armour. Talking to the Aviator had somewhat drained him of energy-- Gaspard wondered if he could survive a few more hours at this pace.... more
        • "Thank you!" Alleb, Mon Nov 2 17:01
          "It is; I'm Cleopatra. I hadn't thought about joining the contest-- say, perhaps you could try it with us!" Hasina said. "Your armor is the most impressive thing in this room. It's even better than... more
          • "Uh."SeaTurtle, Mon Nov 2 20:36
            "It's, er... I got it from a 'fic," he said to Dirk. As he listened to the CMC's afterburner fans whirr behind his head for a few seconds, he felt obliged to add: "But, um, if it counts, I did manage ... more
            • "Is the point not to be flashy?"Alleb, Tue Nov 3 08:34
              "It is, after all, a contest: like the nationals, only not national. Like the locals, I suppose." "District," Dirk said. "That's the word: district." Hasina snapped her fingers. "Right! That is it.... more
              • Gaspard shuffled awkwardly. SeaTurtle, Wed Nov 4 09:13
                "Oh, I d-don't know," he said. "Seems like an awful lot of attention for just one person. I don't t-think that, um, it would be right, really. I'm even starting to regret wearing this thing, too..."
                • "Ah, whatever makes you happy."Alleb, Wed Nov 4 18:30
                  Hasina smiled kindly. "But, if it means anything, I don't think you should regret wearing your costume. If nothing else, it has given Dirk and I something to aspire to next year!" Dirk, who was... more
                  • "Um, er, I-if you s-say so..."SeaTurtle, Wed Nov 4 21:37
                    Gaspard looked around for a few moments, trying to figure out how to proceed with the conversation like a normal, not-socially-anxious person. "Um, er, so... what department are you two serving in?... more
                    • "Oh, we are not agents."Alleb, Thu Nov 5 17:21
                      "Dirk and I are just visiting; our friend approached us about recruitment a little while ago, and suggested we attend this party. Just as a way to get to know the place. What department are you in?"... more
                      • "Intelligence, but..."SeaTurtle, Thu Nov 5 20:58
                        "...if someone comes up to you and asks if you want to join, run . Just find the closest portal home and run for the hills . This is not a nice place," said Gaspard quickly. "Bad pay, worse bosses,... more
                        • "Oh my!"Alleb, Fri Nov 6 13:59
                          Hasina frowned, glancing around the party. It looked alright to her, but she was no expert in this. "If you do not like it here, why do you not... leave? Find a different job?" ((Heh, it's fine. I... more
                          • "Would you believe me..."SeaTurtle, Fri Nov 6 20:53
                            "...if I said I had a timeline loop to close?" replied Gaspard. "Also, my parents work here. It's nice to be able to see them every day without having to portal another dimension."
                            • "A... timeline loop?" Hasina asked. Alleb, Wed Nov 11 17:07
                              She cocked her head, jewelry jingling. "What do you mean by that?" ((Sorry for my long delay; lots of stuff happened IRL. I'll set about getting a new "final" ending date for the RP. -Alleb))
    • A third Roman legionnaire walked into the hall. — DawnFire, Sat Oct 31 20:37
      • The Guardsman whirled around.SeaTurtle, Sat Oct 31 21:06
        " No ," he choked. "Oh, heck no. Two questions: firstly, how recent? Secondly, is this a time travel event or not?"
        • The other legionnaire rolled his eyes.DawnFire, Sat Oct 31 21:15
          "Relax, bro. I'm just having fun. Well, okay, someone dared me to do it, but it's fine. Really. And, uh, as for how recent..." He shrugged, and then made a face and tugged at his armor. "Look, it's... more
          • The Guardsman facepalmed.SeaTurtle, Sat Oct 31 21:20
            "You're insane. I taught you about these situations! Now get out of here before you blow a hole in causality or something. Ri-- Arin is here. She can't see you like that ! She'll go into conniptions! ... more
            • The legionnaire rolled his eyes again.DawnFire, Sat Oct 31 21:25
              "Lighten up, Emi. I know what I'm doing, and I know not to talk to her. She's gonna be talking to that dude in the giant suit thing for a while, and then she'll be busy. All I have to do is stay out... more
              • "Don't roll your eyes at me, young man."SeaTurtle, Sat Oct 31 21:32
                "Look, I'm glad to know that you'll be alive at some point in the future, but there's gonna be heck to pay if she even smells you in the room. Think! You're thinking! That means you leave a psychic... more
                • -device. "You know, this is exactly why I didn't go see future-you before I came here. You're all responsible and s**t. This is supposed to be fun . And I'm not gonna wear perfume, shut up." He... more
                  • "Are you out of your mind?"SeaTurtle, Sat Oct 31 23:26
                    "She knows you! How can you pretend that this," he waved at the man, "is a 'past self'? She'll see right through your disguise! Ask yourself: is this worth the risk? Do you want to potentially reduce ... more
                    • The Reader rolled his eyes.DawnFire, Sat Oct 31 23:48
                      "She's not going to see me , Emi," he said. The armor came off, and was tossed to the ground with a light crash. "So of course it's worth the risk. I told you--I know where she's gonna be. I'll avoid ... more
                      • ...with a frown on his face. He was about to say something along the lines of "this is getting ridiculous, now it's time for you to go" until he spotted a familiar silhouette several steps behind the ... more
                        • "Gah!"DawnFire, Sun Nov 1 00:25
                          The Reader jumped, and turned to look. "Wow. Uh. Aw, come on, how did you even know I was coming here?" He frowned. "Did Ave--the Aviator tell you? That one's got the brains of a lemming half the... more
                          • "I know I do, sweetie."SeaTurtle, Sun Nov 1 20:45
                            Future-Naya let go of her husband. "As for how I knew... heh. As if I'm gonna spill the beans! If you start trying to be sneaky-beaky like, how am I supposed to keep an eye on you, huh?" She turned... more
                            • The Reader groaned.DawnFire, Mon Nov 2 00:17
                              "Every. Time." He reached for Naya's hand, twining their fingers together. "I can't even go to the past without him mangling my name! Why does he have to do that? I've never mangled his ! I just call ... more
                              • "I'm not sure you noticed, but..."SeaTurtle, Mon Nov 2 20:47
                                "...I think that Emiran doesn't like being called 'Emi'. Just going off on a limb here," said Naya. "Also, that reminds me: on your next vacation day, we should go somewhere tropical. I was thinking... more
                                • "-mangling my name entirely!" the Reader protested. "It isn't fair. At least I'm actually using part of his name. He should be happy I didn't pick up Kirk's nicknaming thing when it comes to him,... more
                                  • "Earth sounds good."SeaTurtle, Thu Nov 5 21:25
                                    "It's a beautiful planet, you know. I'll have to use a disguise to fit in, but hey-- at least the food will be great. I'm not too keen on visiting the Whoniverse, sweetie: you know how danger lurks... more
                                    • The Reader grinned, and-DawnFire, Thu Nov 5 21:36
                                      -ducked under Naya's veil to kiss her quickly before popping back out. "I guess it's pretty enough. And alright, we won't go back to the world that spawned mine for a vacation. I'll live with it." He ... more
                                      • Naya tsked...SeaTurtle, Thu Nov 5 21:44
                                        ...and gently grabbed her husband's hands. "Oh, will you behave , Xan?" she said, grinning. "And I'm sorry for choosing the vacation destination this time: it's not like you chose the last three... I ... more
                                        • The Reader grinned back, less cheekily this time, and kissed her knuckles. "And," he added, both cheekiness and smile fading into sincerity, "you 'wow' me all the time. You don't have to step up your ... more
                                          • "Well, well, well."SeaTurtle, Thu Nov 5 22:01
                                            "You certainly know how to speak to the ladies," said Naya, smiling broadly behind her veil. "But can you dance?" She looked towards the dance floor, then at the Reader. "Come on, Xan. Let's rock... more
    • "Hey."Alleb, Fri Oct 30 23:43
      A lanky, hawk-nosed teenager sidled up to the hulking suit of mechanized armor. He was dressed in a rather underachieving impersonation of the Tenth Doctor, and his sonic screwdriver was decidedly... more
    • The Aviator's head whipped around at the sound of a heavy mecha suit clunking across the floor. For the first time that day, a smile spread across her face. She elbowed Zeb and nodded at the suit.... more
      • Here we go again...SeaTurtle, Fri Oct 30 23:55
        Gaspard looked up from his plate, searching for the voice's owner. "Oh! Uh, h-hello." He straightened up and faced the Aviator. In his armour, he towered over her. "Er, my suit, yes? It's, er, I got... more
        • "Oh. That."Iximaz, Fri Oct 30 23:58
          The Aviator looked more than a little disgruntled. "Yeah, so I've been told." She shook her head and accepted the outstretched hand; ensconced in the suit, it completely dwarfed her own. "Never mind... more
          • "Y-you think so?"SeaTurtle, Sat Oct 31 00:06
            Gaspard cleared his throat and tried to keep the stammering out of his voice, with little success. "It's er, only a regular suit of armour. N-not really, um, like, um... i-i-it's like, regular , you... more
            • "Like you're getting attention, but..."Iximaz, Sat Oct 31 00:16
              "...not for the reasons you'd hoped?" The Aviator gave him a wry smile. "Wonder what that feels like. But never mind; we can forget the suit if you want." She waved a hand. "So. Gaspard, was it?... more
              • No, please go back to the suit.SeaTurtle, Sat Oct 31 00:22
                My life is boring, nobody wants to listen to me talk about that, thought Gaspard, but his mouth said: "Department of Intelligence, ma'am. Junior intelligence officer: write reports, file reports, go... more
                • "Sounds nice."Iximaz, Sat Oct 31 00:25
                  "Don't know if I'd be able to do it, though. Too used to being on the move." The Aviator peered at Gaspard. "And you don't have to call me ma'am, this ain't the military."
                  • "With r-respect, ma'am..."SeaTurtle, Sat Oct 31 00:33
                    "...out of the t-two of us, you are the one with the post prestige in Headquarters. That s-sort of thing must be acknowledged. You know, like, er... um, respect, from a lower-echelon staff member... more
                    • "You kidding?"Iximaz, Sat Oct 31 00:42
                      The Aviator leaned against the table and picked up a strange looking fruit that vaguely resembled a pomegranate, if pomegranates were supposed to be a violent shade of magenta. She broke it open and... more
                      • Gaspard shrugged...SeaTurtle, Sat Oct 31 00:52
                        ...or more specifically, the suit 's shoulders shrugged, meaning Gaspard made his elbows move up and down to reproduce the effect. "T-the fact remains that you're still one of HQ's most popular... more
                        • "Gotta say, I'm jealous."Iximaz, Sat Oct 31 01:06
                          The Aviator ignored Gaspard's stammering in favor of plucking out more seeds. "Must be nice to have a quiet life. Or at least one where not everyone knows every intimate detail of your life."
                          • "W-well, I, er..."SeaTurtle, Sat Oct 31 15:38
                            Don't say something cringey. Don't say something cringey . "I, um, I suppose, ma'am. B-but it's just that, sometimes, y'know, er..." He bit off the rest of his sentence before he mentioned that being ... more
                            • The Aviator gave Gaspard a worried look.Iximaz, Sat Oct 31 16:10
                              "Something the matter? You sound nervous." ((Dude, are you sure you didn't go rooting around in my head to create Gaspard? This is some scary stuff.))
                              • "N-nervous?"SeaTurtle, Sat Oct 31 20:18
                                "Oh, it's probably my anxiety acting up. No w-worries," said Gaspard while trying to put on a reassuring smile. No. Don't smile. You look like a creep when you smile. He let the smile fade. "But... more
                                • "Huh?"Iximaz, Sat Oct 31 20:26
                                  The Aviator looked down at herself. "Oh. Princess Azula from Avatar: The Last Airbender . It was my partner's idea. Not exactly my first choice, but hey, whatever makes him happy, you know?"
                                  • "Zeb, I believe?"SeaTurtle, Sat Oct 31 20:42
                                    "Ah, y-yes. He's a Luxray, isn't he? I've never met your partner in person, see. I only know what the DoI gossip mill digs up about him. Is he here tonight? I'd think a electric lion would be hard to ... more
                                    • "Yeah, he is."Iximaz, Sat Oct 31 20:48
                                      The Aviator looked around, then pointed out the teenager who was dressed almost identically to her. "He only used the disguise generator to go to his default human form; neither of us like using the... more
                                      • "Um." SeaTurtle, Sat Oct 31 21:13
                                        "I have it on good authority that Zeb doesn't, er, um. Like girls, ma'am. As in, um. you know." He shuffled awkwardly, dragging a heavy boot across the ground. "Well, yep. Or so Madam's sources say."
                                        • The Aviator waved a hand.Iximaz, Sat Oct 31 21:16
                                          "Meh, doesn't matter, does it? He's never shown any inclination either way, so what the hell do I know?" She paused and scowled. "This is the same Madam Tacitus reports to?"
                                          • Gaspard cleared his throat. SeaTurtle, Sat Oct 31 21:23
                                            "Er, I thought you knew. Tacitus is merely in the employ of Madam-- he's not a free agent. There are dozens like him all over the place, collecting and selling information. It's, er. Commonplace. And ... more
                                            • "Well that's just great."Iximaz, Sat Oct 31 21:25
                                              The Aviator looked disgruntled. "There go my plans to ever drink at Rudi's again. Ever. Thanks for the heads-up."
                                              • "Um... you're welcome...?"SeaTurtle, Sat Oct 31 21:48
                                                "I guess?" Gaspard looked away. He had the feeling that he had ruined someone's day. "So, uh... read any good books lately?"
                                                • "A couple hundred."Iximaz, Sat Oct 31 21:51
                                                  The Aviator checked her watch and sighed restlessly. "I'm a bit more anxious to see how tonight's episode of Doctor Who plays out, to be honest. What about you?"
                                                  • "I've seen it," said Gaspard...SeaTurtle, Sat Oct 31 23:31
                                                    ...pointing at a holographic screen next to his right cheek. "It's... okay, I guess. Series nine has been pretty good so far but this one was sort of 'meh' in my opinion." He fell silent and looked... more
                                                    • "Nah, not at all."Iximaz, Sat Oct 31 23:35
                                                      The Aviator gave him a faint smile. "Nice to talk to someone who's not trying to get me out of an angstfest, or bugging me about my personal life. 'Sides, you seem pretty smart. Makes sense, since... more
                                                      • "U-um, er, if you want to."SeaTurtle, Sat Oct 31 23:41
                                                        "It's just that, er, my intel team has got the early shift tomorrow and I'm not sure if I'll be around but if you really do want to talk, er, I'll be around. I think you'll find me quite easily,... more
                                                        • ...walked up and flicked the Aviator's shoulder. "Oi, Time Lady," she said. "Greenie says it's time," The kid had her on messenger duty now. At least he wasn't sending her out for a pumpkin spice... more
                                                          • The Aviator gritted her teeth.Iximaz, Sat Oct 31 23:54
                                                            "Knew I shouldn't have mentioned it. Figures the Narrative Laws were paying attention," she muttered. She sighed and looked at Gaspard. "I'll message you, alright? It was nice talking." She gave him... more
                                                            • "Greenie has you under the desserts," she said. "He'll announce the thing in a minute and I'll pull up the tablecloth." She spent a moment elbowing her way through a clot of people before they came... more
                                                              • The Aviator sighed.Iximaz, Sun Nov 1 00:14
                                                                Resigned to her promise to Zeb, she crawled under the table and stretched out on her back, putting her arms behind her head. Maybe she'd take a nap, make the time go faster. She was bored already.... more
      • ((Yikes!))Alleb, Fri Oct 30 23:44
        Sorry; I didn't see this when I posted a reply! SeaTurtle, feel free to disregard mine. -Alleb
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