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Aaron approached the group of strangers...
Sat Oct 31, 2015 21:17

...with a friendly smile, followed by a slightly more wary Natasha.

"Are you new recruits?" he asked them. "I'm Aaron Hunter and this is my partner -"

"Nat," Natasha said rather firmly. Aaron, who had barely adjusted to the more masculine appearance her costume gave her, still found himself startled by the change to her voice. "Just Nat works for now."

((Let's say this takes place some point after their conversation with VJ and William.))

  • slight retcon- already acting the foolBasil, Sat Oct 31 12:07
    Sorry, I just realized Alleb's already talking to someone. Also, didn't realize godmodding was a thing- too much time to myself writing all the characters. *blush* Sorry. Here's the post, revised.... more
    • Aaron approached the group of strangers... — Tira, Sat Oct 31 21:17
      • "Recruits?"Basil, Tue Nov 3 18:40
        Mally looked uncomfortable. "We're just here because Basil invited us." "Don't be awkward, Mally," Zaddella said. She looked at Aaron and Natasha. "I'm Zaddella and this Mally Morrigan. We're here as ... more
        • "Ah, okay."Tira, Wed Nov 4 16:03
          "Well, the PPC isn't a bad place to work for... well, I mean, it's awful, but I've seen worse. Um, but don't let that turn you off from it or anything, it's really important work. And I mean, it's... more
          • Re: "Ah, okay."Basil, Wed Nov 11 22:07
            "That's right," Zaddella said. "Think middle schoolers, excited after watching Attack of the Clones." "I'm actually from the Weft and Warp continuum," Mally said. "It's very different from Star... more
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