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Dawn shrugged.
Sat Oct 31, 2015 21:35

"Des made the first pot, I'll be making the rest. And hey--you can take a cup for him, unless you see him here right now?" She pulled a pair of small cardboard cups (patterned to look at least vaguely A:tLA canonical) from her voluminous sleeve and poured tea into one of them. "What would he have come as?"

  • "Tea would be great."Iximaz, Sat Oct 31 21:22
    Zeb couldn't seem to stop smiling. "Who made it, anyway? Ooh--" He looked around. "Maxwell said he might be here tonight; maybe he'd like some!"
    • Dawn shrugged. — DawnFire, Sat Oct 31 21:35
      • "Hmm. Dunno."Iximaz, Sat Oct 31 21:38
        "I saw one of his teammates earlier, she looked great. Maybe I'll ask her if he's here."
        • "You do that."DawnFire, Sat Oct 31 21:44
          Dawn poured the second cup, and handed both of them to the Luxray. "Good luck, nephew! May you find what you are looking for!"
          • "Alright, thanks!"Iximaz, Sat Oct 31 23:48
            Zeb took both cups and, grinning from ear to ear, gave Dawn a farewell nod (seeing as a wave would be somewhat difficult at the moment). "Have fun! Maybe I'll see you later, huh?"
            • "Sure!"DawnFire, Sat Oct 31 23:50
              Dawn grinned, and waved. "Go get 'im, Zeb--I mean, Zuko. And enjoy the tea!"
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