"Nah, not at all."
Sat Oct 31, 2015 23:35

The Aviator gave him a faint smile. "Nice to talk to someone who's not trying to get me out of an angstfest, or bugging me about my personal life. 'Sides, you seem pretty smart. Makes sense, since you're in DoI, but meh." She shrugged and looked around for a clock. "Just a heads-up, I somehow agreed to help the hosts with a thing later. Dunno when it'll start, but maybe we could keep chatting after?"

  • "I've seen it," said Gaspard...SeaTurtle, Sat Oct 31 23:31
    ...pointing at a holographic screen next to his right cheek. "It's... okay, I guess. Series nine has been pretty good so far but this one was sort of 'meh' in my opinion." He fell silent and looked... more
    • "Nah, not at all." — Iximaz, Sat Oct 31 23:35
      • "U-um, er, if you want to."SeaTurtle, Sat Oct 31 23:41
        "It's just that, er, my intel team has got the early shift tomorrow and I'm not sure if I'll be around but if you really do want to talk, er, I'll be around. I think you'll find me quite easily,... more
        • ...walked up and flicked the Aviator's shoulder. "Oi, Time Lady," she said. "Greenie says it's time," The kid had her on messenger duty now. At least he wasn't sending her out for a pumpkin spice... more
          • The Aviator gritted her teeth.Iximaz, Sat Oct 31 23:54
            "Knew I shouldn't have mentioned it. Figures the Narrative Laws were paying attention," she muttered. She sighed and looked at Gaspard. "I'll message you, alright? It was nice talking." She gave him... more
            • "Greenie has you under the desserts," she said. "He'll announce the thing in a minute and I'll pull up the tablecloth." She spent a moment elbowing her way through a clot of people before they came... more
              • The Aviator sighed.Iximaz, Sun Nov 1 00:14
                Resigned to her promise to Zeb, she crawled under the table and stretched out on her back, putting her arms behind her head. Maybe she'd take a nap, make the time go faster. She was bored already.... more
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